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Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread


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Hi, Colts fans! :)  Our Indianapolis Colts are  southeast down Interstate 74 to play the Cincinnati Bengals in both teams 28th all-time preseason meeting. Colts are also trying to avoid   a winless 2019 preseason tonight.


Jacoby Brissett might start at QB for tonight's preseason finale, but Phillip Walker and Chad Kelly may also get significant playing time during the course of tonight's game, while the rest of the reserve and backup players are evaluated one last time on the playing field by the coaching and support staffs, as they earn roster starts, and build the depth chart for the final 53-man regular season roster.


There is also a possibility the Colts may sign, acquire or trade for a marquee quarterback available on the waiver wire during the final cutdown this weekend  after the announced retirement last Saturday  by Andrew Luck, and before the regular season opener at the L.A. Chargers on September 8.


Colts  also defeated the Bengals, in the Colts last visit to Cincinnati, in both teams season finale, as OB Phillip Walker threw the game-winning, 28-yard touchdown pass to Cobi Hamilton, to win 27-26 back on August 30, 2018.  Both teams finished with 3-1 preseason records.


Indianapolis also leads Cincinnati 17-12   in all-time regular season games, and 2-0 in postseason games.


Sunny and clear skies at 81 degrees, feels like 82 degrees, is the local gamecast inside Paul Brown Stadium for the 7:05 PM kickoff, along with 0% precipitation, 47% humidity, and southwest winds at 8 miles per hour.


NO injuries, great luck to the players making the cut to the final 53-man regular season roster, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!   :rock:  :coltslogo:   :1colts:    :colts:   :coltshelmet:   :coltslogo:   :D


Colts @ Bengals 2019 Preseason Week 4  Player Roster, Game Preview, Live NFL Game Centers, And Live Game Audio:














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Thanks for opening the thread again, LOS!


Really?  JB might play tonight??  I would love to see him get some reps before the season starts, but I would have hoped for that last week.  This week I want to see him not get injured.  Geez, I hope this ends well...

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Just now, ColtStrong2013 said:


I thought it looked like a finger too until the training staff was holding his hand. Hard to tell on tv  

U are probably watching Colts channel.  My coverage is from Cincy.  I didnt see staff looking at it.  But i sweat i saw him out there after.  

The tackle im talking about WAS NOT a kickoff.

Im liking this Speed kid.

Seems like we can draft LBs.

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1 minute ago, ColtStrong2013 said:

Welp. Penny Hart just lost whatever chance he may have had. Geez. 


How can we not find capable punt returners? How are so many skilled players so bad at it?

Now some see why Rogers has stuck around.

Not as easy as it looks.

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