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Any injury updates for Campbell and sheard?

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Campbell was supposed to have a stress test today. If he practices this coming week we still might see him the last game. Still to early for sheard.


Kenny Moore had a cast on his wrist and was in sling. Waiting to hear if he is going to miss any games.

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10 minutes ago, Stephen said:

Hopefully  Campbell's hamstring  is ready to go soon

He’s retiring too....:sarcasm::peek:

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    • Glad what we’ve been seeing for years is finally being brought to the forefront, especially since not all QBs benefited from the special treatment. Luck used to get constantly  murdered back there and barely ever got the officials “protection.”   Brady said too many flags...  
    • I expect  Brissett  to be much better eventually.  Luck was brought  along just as slow the beginning  of last year and every one was like where are the deep balls? Eventually  Cain, Campbell,  or Roger's will get more involved  with offense.   
    • To me, we would know his progression, not ceiling. I’ll bet the playbook is still not fully installed yet, nor fully grasped by all of the player.  Some are further along than others as well.  I believe we can thank the CBA (with its very much reduced coach/player/team activities in the off season) at least in part for the less than stellar offensive creativity and brilliance in execution.   JB is a Works In Progress. I don’t feel that 4 weeks will determine his final destination. Unless, he really isn’t going to be more than average.  I’m watching the full year.  That should be a good indicator for what the team should plan to do next off season/training camp,
    • For a second, based on the link title, I thought that someone pulled an Aaron Hernandez.
    • Yep.   And nothing you’re going to type will move me from that position.   I appreciate what he did when was here. But that appreciation is only for what he did prior to his little show this year. 
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