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Luck Retires/ The timing of it all... (merge)


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    • I will be curious to see if we do beat the Lions then beat the Ravens, if that happens we will be 6-2 and the games will really begin then 
    • What happened to all the posters saying we shoulda signed Dalton?    Announcers were like “Dalton was down 21-0, there wasn’t much he could do.”   Rivers found a way BABY!!
    • Sure, the luck thing was a curveball. That was 1.33 seasons ago though. And having Luck, or not having Luck, has nothing to do with a lot of the things I see, or have seen. Like I said, trying to be patient, and trying not to pass judgement until later in the season. Hope it works out, as I really like Frank as a "guy". I like Pagano as a "guy" to though.
    • I watch a ton of football. Easily more than any sport. Both college and NFL. And when I'm watching, I'm always looking at it from a play calling perspective on both sides.    I agree that all coaches have head scratchers now and then when it come to play calling. Reich however seems to have more than an occasion one or two. Hines up the gut is the easy one to point out this year. It wasn't just a one off, it was a pattern.    Many of the guys above you mentioned have a long history of successful play calling. Reich does not. He's only called plays in LA and here. He was canned in LA after a couple years because his O was bad and likely least balanced in the league. His play calling here certainly hasn't stood out. Like I said, I've cut him a lot of slack due to circumstance. Not saying he needs to be fired or anything like that. I am saying that he has contributed to performance issues as much as anyone though. This isn't a matter of just execution. 
    • I agree, the biggest thing about that first half was just a lack of intensity,  like they all stayed up too late the night before or something.   Maybe they hate zone coverage as much as we do lol!!!
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