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Luck Retires/ The timing of it all... (merge)


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    • LOL, just like being a Wisconsin QB is a negative predictor...Hello Russell Wilson.  Your dispassionate analysis fails to consider we were running an Air Coryell system that year, which is hugely beneficial to RBs. It spreads out the entire D, and does not allow for tight fronts or stacked boxes. It's an incredible benefit to RBs. Indy on the other hand, is a dink and dunk, which actually promotes Ds to play up and congest the box.
    • I'll take any QB.   @EastStreet Do you think any team would be willing to trade for Cousins? We may have to offer incentives like a mid-round pick to make the trade happen. I think I would be willing to give even a 2nd.  I thought Dallas for a 8-9 game rental. (Actually, Dalton may be more of a winning QB than Kirk. That was a good signing by Dallas.)   I'm thinking of any place to send Cousins. Any thoughts? Colts maybe? Fans here seem to like him.  
    • Not being emotional. Just calling out silly, which this is. Why is it silly? And why is it silly "right now"?   1) JT is outperforming Mack's first year significantly, and at the same time, being asked to do much more (running and catching). AVG 3.8 vs 4.1 RunYPG 25.6 vs 61.2 RcvYPG 16.1 vs 27.0   2) JT currently has the same AVG as Elliot, and a better AVG than McCaffery, Jacobs, and Mixon all highly regarded. 3) In terms of first years, Taylor is doing better than McCaffery, And is doing better than year 2 of Gurley 4) Our scheme/play calling doesn't help Taylor at all, and actually hurts him. That will change if Reich keeps things open. 5) JT is learning a new system. His vision will come as he learns our zone blocking scheme.   JT isn't getting the Brissett treatment this year. Brissett wasn't a rookie last year, didn't have an amazing and proven track record at a big school, etc., JB performed the way he's always performed since college, so folks defending him didn't really know his past, or have realistic expectations of his ceiling. He was still struggling with the exact same things he struggled with in college.    The case is not the same for JT. JT has a higher ceiling, a proven track record at a big school, just needs time to adjust, and is already outperforming his predecessor while doing more at the same time.
    • Click here for this week’s Colts Mailbag! The bye week has provided plenty of opportunities to take a look back at the first six weeks of the season. Lots of in-depth questions this time around on Quenton Nelson pulling in the run game, three-tight end sets, slant route usage, offensive pace and more.   Thanks again for the thoughtful submissions, and try to enjoy your Sunday without Colts football.
    • Ravens, think Jackson gets in done in playoffs, KC will be right there, Colts wont be a tough playoff out by any means either, Buffalo a year away imo.     Bears their D gives everyone problems, Robinson having another very good year at WR (Maybe top WR no one really talks about much) already beat the Bucs and their schedule is easy down the stretch also which will allow a fresh roster into the playoffs.  Seattle has looked impressive and a lot of depth, Tampa wont go down easy and Drew looking to cap career in N.O. with one last run.
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