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Luck Retires/ The timing of it all... (merge)

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Well, what a couple of days that was! I deliberately stayed off the forum to avoid the initial responses and take time to consider this.  Here is where I stand as of today:   1. The timing o

Long time listener, first time caller.   How much would you pay to be able to walk without terrible pain for the last 50+ years of your life? At what point is it morally repugnant to make su

Was it really necessary to bring this back from the dead to reiterate a view that's been hashed, rehashed, and buried with the fourteen dead horses it ride in on? Lol.

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    • I grew up having seizures over half my life and it prevented me from being able to play any kind of contact sports. 
    • https://saturdaytradition.com/ohio-state-football/report-justin-fields-telling-nfl-teams-hes-battling-epilepsy-prior-to-draft/  
    • @chad72will be making my pick 
    • Yes, it's way to early to start making predictions get with me about the first week of September then I'll make a prediction. 
    • Note: Don't forget to follow the big board and draft order thread for the latest available players! Any errors, please let me know!   @danlhart87 OTC till 705 @Archer on deck 705-710 @Qwiz coming up   @NFLfan please pin   Round 3 -----------session 1---------- 65) Kansas City (via Jags) 7:00 @danlhart87 66) New York Jets 7:05 @Archer 67) Houston Texans 7:10 @Qwiz (Don't miss your first pick!  ) 68) Atlanta Falcons 7:15 @jvan1973 69) Cincinnati Bengals 7:20 @stitches 70) Philadelphia Eagles 7:25 @Defjamz26 71) Denver Broncos 7:30 @ColtsGermany , Eaststreet will pick 72) Detroit Lions 7:35 @RNGDShobby   Mini-break   -----------session 2---------- 73) Carolina Panthers 7:50 @MPStack 74) Washington Football Team (from San Francisco 49ers) 7:55 @Coltsman1788 75) Dallas Cowboys 8:00 @luv_pony_express EastStreet will pick 76) New York Giants 8:05 @DiogoSales 77) Los Angeles Charger 8:10 @PRnum1 78) Minnesota Vikings 8:15 @luv_pony_express Eaststreet will pick 79) Giants via Las Vegas Raiders (from Arizona Cardinals) 8:20 @DiogoSales 80) Giants via Las Vegas Raiders 8:25 @DiogoSales   30 minute break    -----------session 3---------- 81) Miami Dolphins 9:00 @EastStreet 82) Washington Football Team 9:05 @Coltsman1788 83) Chicago Bears 9:10 Commissioner's pick EastStreet  84) Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis Colts) 9:15 @Defjamz26 85) Tennessee Titans 9:20 @Jared Cisneros 86) New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks) 9:25 @Archer 87) Pittsburgh Steelers 9:30 @JoeThornburg 88) Los Angeles Rams 9:35 Commissioner's pick @chad72   Mini-break   -----------session 4---------- 89) Cleveland Browns 9:50 @RNGDShobby 90) Minnesota Vikings (from Balt Ravens) 9:55 @luv_pony_express Eaststreet will pick 91) Colts via Cleveland Browns (from New Orleans Saints) 10:00 @WarGhost21 92) Jaguars via Green Bay Packers 10:05 @chad72 93) Buffalo Bills 10:10 commissioner's pick EastStreet 94) Jacksonville (via Kansas City Chiefs) 10:15 @chad72 95) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10:20 @jvan1973 96) New England Patriots (compensatory selection) 10:25 @Nickster   Mini-break -----------session 5---------- 97) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection) 10:40 @PRnum1 98) New Orleans Saints (compensatory selection) 10:45 @SaturdayAllDay 99) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection) 10:50 @luv_pony_express Eaststreet will pick 100) Jacksonville [(via KC from Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)] 10:55 @chad72 101) Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams; compensatory selection) 11:00 @RNGDShobby 102) San Francisco 49ers (special compensatory selection) 11:05 @BProland85 Eaststreet has picks 103) Los Angeles Rams (special compensatory selection) 11:10 Commissioner's Pick @chad72 104) Baltimore Ravens (special compensatory selection) 11:15 @JediXMan 105) New Orleans Saints (special compensatory selection) 11:20 @SaturdayAllDay    
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