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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I can agree with the first part of your statement, Kelly does bring cheap back up play with knowledge of the system. He is a better upside than Hoyer.    as for the second part, who in the nfl would give JB a starting spot based on his play this year? I can’t think of one team that needs that level of a QB as their guy. Not even Miami. I think JB has played his way out of expectations he may land a starters role anywhere after this season. Don’t see it at all. I could see a restructured contract or just an outright cut here and possible resign but I don’t see any market for JB anymore. 
    • Great point   I don't see why you even bother with Chad Kelly, if the kid has no chance, or... you dont want him to really give him a chance on the Colts to play.   I could see the logic in bringing him here.... at the time   Luck was entrenched as the future starter   Brissett was on his last year, and many people felt he was going to leave.....  I was counting (HOPING) that we could get some draft trade value   But today........  I dont see that we can count on Brissett to be our starter for the future   Slow and poor reads, poor touch, disaster results in the 4th quarter.   The defensive coordinators have tape on JB, and he doesnt have the passing skills to play out of it.  They can show stuff late, and JB just sees no one open.... and then throws it away or tries to run it on 3rd and long   To me, its in front of the 2020 draft.......  If (WHEN) we lose to NO on Monday, we are officially OUT.....   Our games no longer matter........   Why WOULDNT you try CK out?   Its sort of like a preseason game   To me...... its a check the box activity.......   If CK stinks it up....... you cut him in the offseason, and draft a QB to develop   I think there are low odds that CK will be the saviour of the franchise.   But if he shines in the last 2 games, you let him compete with JB for the starters role in 2020.   If this remote situation happens, that would save us using a first round pick on a QB.........                
    • Thomas has the highest catch percentage against man and zone so it won’t matter  
    • Inman did well last year but remember who was throwing to him...Andrew. I don't think he is going to enjoy running short crossing patterns for Brissett.  
    • There is nothing here to see. I wish the Saints were playing a better team.
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