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After a few hours of vodka, I am now looking forward to solutions...We have too good of a team to tank.  Trade for Zeke maybe? I don't know who we could give up for him, but I'm not ready to give up this season.  This will truly be a year, where our success will be based on not just a couple players, but a collective team effort.  What do we do, other than fold our **** tails?  I'm all in on Brissett

P.S. Shame on those who booed the man

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We just watch.  The team is set for the season.  Over extending trying to make something out of nothing is the worst thing the colts could do. 6-10 to 8-8 is probably the ceiling.   Tanking isnt an option, it would undermine everything the colts are trying to build.  This is a young team.  Unfortunately this looks and feels like the start of a decade of mediocrity.  It's a shame, for seven years we had THE quarterback and nothing in the GM or coaching staff.  Now we have what i believe is a great gm and (at least) a competent coach but a backup qb.......what do "we" do?  We watch TV on Sunday if the product is compelling enough to hold our attention and hope for the best out of the coaching staff and players.

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