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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I’m not sure about this defensive coaching staff getting guys into the best positions to succeed. There is something missing with this team. I’ve harped many of times, this coaching staff doesn’t appear to instill discipline or accountability equally across the team. Whatever Wilson has done to upset the coaching staff doesn’t seem to apply to other cb’s who don’t perform well. 3 lineman in to rush when we can’t get to anyone with 4 and they still carve you up for chunk plays? What scheme is Eberflus employing here? This team is all over the map in terms of performance from game to game.    min some fairness here, Watson is really really good and his receivers are pretty top notch as well. It’s a miracle we held them to 20 tbh. 
    • Yeah, I'm right with you on this. I know we need another playmaker in the WR market but it's difficult to evaluate their impact when they're either hurt or he's not giving them a chance.
    • This team needs a new QB as in last draft. JB is not getting  it done, too slow in reads,  too predictable, and HC is getting outcoached. BTW where's the OC (Siriani) in all of this offensive calling, he was supposed to be the offensive guru we picked up from the Chargers? 
    • TY was not open on at least two of his targets.  Its not really a matter of not throwing to guys who aren't open.  I think its simply not trusting the other guys outside of TY and Doyle.   And I agree.
    • I’d agree with much of this article. I would carve out the caveat that the team has been without a legit #2,3 receiver, Ebron has been back to his norm with drops and TY has missed 3 games plus he wasn’t right in this game and you were missing Mack, although Williams filled in pretty nicely.   This team is missing more than play from the QB, and he looks very one dimensional. While being a solid caretaker of the football, he has zero vision past his first and limited times, maybe a second one. I am completely surprised he has looked as pedestrian as he has so far as a starter this year. He couldn’t throw a guy open if his mother’s life was on the line, he is that bad at anticipation. Kelly may be no better but we’ve seen his arm, we’ve seen his legs, and if he has the “mental” side right, he has many pluses in his game.   I think we can pretty much rule out JB as the future in what we’ve all seen so far this year. We know that his back up journeyman guy is bad but we’ve not seen Kelly fire live bullets yet. I honestly think this is the stretch to see if Kelly has enough to allow the Colts to avoid needing to trade up draft capital and focus on either a RT, WR, or pass rusher from any spot along the line because yuk, we have both little rush nor do we have the DC who shows creativity with what he has. Those 3 man rush attempts were borderline criminal while the opposing QB sat at his table, cut up his steak and then threw the ball to about anyone he wanted.   The team is not in complete synch and it smells just a tad better than a Pagano led team.https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2863797-jacoby-brissett-holding-back-colts-is-present-future-problem-for-indianapolis
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