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Indianapolis Colts
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    • How in the world did you post get so many likes.  There must be a blind following or something.   All of my points are relevant to the stats presented.      Some folks have an opinion of JB, and constantly point to stats to make it. They make the same point, over and over, that he misses receivers down field.  And that it means he is not the answer.    Same point, same broad conclusion based upon that singular point.  We get it.   Outside of the points I made, I guess the linkage between not throwing downfield being linked to being "the answer" means that  Allen, Goff, Ryan, and Rivers, are not the answer, and we already know through half the season that Minshew and Murray are "the answer"'s for their teams.    IMO, If folks have a desire to make a decision about JB, they should probably look at a multitude of things, and use their judgement.  Constantly harping on one aspect and then bringing up stats that he doesn't throw downfield (which we already know by watching the games) is a tactic to simply look smart while not really advancing the discussion.   
    • as long as we draft someone I wont be lol if its just JB then yeah that's sad lol
    • Who cares, Nelson is a beast and I bet he got up angry and nailed someone
    • Not sure what this has to do with anything.  But I also want to point out, that I was one that wanted Simmons and said so in multiple threads (I think I even had the Colts picking him in the 2nd round on the draft contest).  So you're "everybody" and "Everyone" comments do not apply.
    • GMs typically know how things will play out, IMO, as far as who is likely to move up for a QB etc. That is another reason Ballard did not want to move down from the Rock-Ya-Sin pick because he wanted him. I feel that there are 7 teams that will draft QBs.    Outside the obvious Bengals and Dolphins, I have 5 other teams I believe will draft a QB - Panthers, Bucs, Raiders, Chargers and Colts.    See my post here:        I do think we will win 7 games at least and my prediction is still 8-8 for us. In all likelihood, the only team drafting later than us that I see are the Raiders. If we are confident they will not draft a QB after what they invested in Carr, our odds are good if we drop down about 8-10 picks in the draft that the QB we want is still there when it is the Texans' 1st rounder turn. I expect Ballard and his scouts to have a good pulse on that. Maybe we get the Dolphins' Steelers first rounder pick instead of the Texans' first rounder pick then if we want to be sure.
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