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Indianapolis Colts
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    • To my knowledge Lott is the only player in the history of the game to cut off part of his body so he could play but I get your point.  I actually agree with you for the most part. So are you saying if Andrew said I want to play again, you'd say 'cool but go somewhere else and do it we'd rather keep Jacoby or draft a rookie  and get some picks?'  
    • I get that and that's 100% fair. Never in the history of football as I know it has a 30 year old hall of fame talent QB walked away or have been available, although we still have his rights.  I think if he announced the time away healed his mind and he wanted to play again this board would be mostly ecstatic.    I too have made peace with him leaving but that doesn't mean we can't try to persuade him back, I see that as two different things.  Perhaps and injured mind should be viewed the same way as an injured body.  My gut is the guy is too much of a competitor and too much of a team guy to find peace snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada's when he could be a QB of an NFL team.  Part of his equation I believe may have also been this team would be better or as good without him, that's clearly not the case.  The simple question is, is Andrew Luck worth the effort, I say he is and I'd be willing to do put forth the effort.
    • Ok man, gotcha., solid points. he's a total loser.
    • There is a Colts.com article on Tom Rathman.  They focus on his many injuries and surgeries and how they affect him today and yet he doesn’t want to quit football as a part of his life.  Apparently Lucks issues messed with his mind and not just his body. I’ve always thought there is a certain mentality you need to be an NFL lifer ala Ronnie Lott cutting off part of his his finger. 
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