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Time to Tank for Lawrence

Luck 4 president

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9 hours ago, CoachLite said:

Tanking seems a desperation strategy, so no.

Tanking is what you do when you have no idea how to manage an NFL roster.  Competent organizations are defined as the organizations that don't resort to tanking as a primary operational strategy.

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5 hours ago, Roger said:

Those two examples are used by people to support the contention that NE players have an undeserved attraction.  I doubt San Fran would give Garropolo that contract today.

Not New England's fault that Garoppolo got exposed to the same problems Andrew Luck had here.


Here's the bottom line for me about Garoppolo.  He got moved to a terrible organization and then while trying to bodily manhandle that organization to relevance, got hurt because his entire team quit on a play and forced him to play 1 against 11.



Look at the "effort" from his teammates on that play.  The entire offensive line gives up and starts WALKING despite the fact that the LG and LT could easily get back into the play if they hustled downfield. 


Two downfield guys who could have thrown blocks to keep their QB upright checked out at the last second, stopped running and let him get hurt. 


With play like that, you can't hang the injury on Jimmy G.  The miracle is that it didn't happen sooner.


If I was coaching that game I would have immediately benched the entire offensive line plus #15 nd #11.  That whole play disgusts me as a football fan.  The lack of effort that resulted in that injury is absolutely staggering to behold.

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