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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I also watched "some" of the pro bowl & Luck did look bad. But it was the skills challenge that was most telling & depressing.  Now surely Luck isn't gonna come out throwing rockets in a silly contest, but the lack of zip on his passes & the horrendous accuracy was shocking.  He may have had the lowest score in history.  Maybe hit the closest targets twice.    That, coupled with the bad playoff game, had me really worried about arm fatigue or a dead arm. Maybe understandable coming off his first year back from surgery?  But maybe there's more there???  Then he skips OTA's &, correct me if I'm wrong, his first pass of his first training camp practice vs the defense was an interception...   Then he didn't practice for a while.  Then came out and "gave it one more go" before the Bengals game & retired the following week.  I doubt Luck walks away from the game because of an ankle injury unless major surgery was the only option.  I think it may have been the shoulder.   And because of that & the way he retired, I don't know if we could get two firsts. I can see a first and a second though. Then again, Elway might give us that and then some...    Regardless, barring this team completely coming off the rails or JB getting injured, I don't think you could just give Luck the job back.  I don't know if the majority of the players would just be ok with that.  This is becoming JB's team as each week passes.  If he gets us to the playoffs & wins a game, I think it'll be tough to take the job from him.     Look at the joy with which Doyle celebrates when we score. The way he looks to JB & congratulates him.  Same for the lineman. It's a tight brotherhood in that locker room. And Luck isn't in there everyday like JB is & how can they trust that Luck has that fire back burning in his belly?  Luck may have gotten Drew Bledsoe'd.    If he comes back, you move him to the NFC for the most ransom you can get. Then we finish putting the key pieces to our Dynasty in place with those picks...  
    • I agree.  Hopefully Turay bounces back healthy and we bring in another young DE or 2, which could reduce the amount of snaps Sheard/Houston get next year, but they are both still playing at a high level and are good character guys and all-around football players.  Sure can't hurt to have our young guys get groomed by those 2.   Since Sheard has been back, it seems like there's been significant improvement in Autry's game as well.
    • He was stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis (as per that article).  I found he lives in California now, but then googled "Is Chuck Yeager a Colts Fan?" and came up with this:    https://blog.ticketmaster.com/indianapolis-colts-team-fans/   "The team counts among its loyal followers a number of big-time celebrities, including: • Billy Bob Thornton • Famed test pilot Chuck Yeager • Actor Haley Joel Osment • Comedian/former talk show host David Letterman • Actress Elisabeth Shue • Rob Lowe"   _____________ Pretty cool, Mr. Irsay!
    • Definitely. My great uncle Paul served in WWII, was part of the liberation of the first concentration camp in Ohrdruf.
    • It stinks we were so depleted against the Raiders otherwise we would be 5-1. That is the NFL though. 6-0 had Vinny been himself on opening day. I am a Colts fan so I can make excuses for them as well for losing the 2 games we lost. We lost our franchise QB at the beginning of the season and people want to make excuses to why we beat KC and Houston. Jeez Louise 
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