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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think there is a very high chance Love is there at the middle pick. We could move up for Herbert trading our 1st and one of our seconds. We have the capital to do whatever we want.    I'd say Love, Herbert, Eason, and maybe Hurtz has much higher upside than JB, and is much farther along at this stage than JB was his last year in college. 
    • Some other things I've read lead me to believe their scheme doesn't ask for a lot of pre snap ID, which is counter to some of the reviews. It's on my list to check out. IIRC, the scheme is closer to a Chud scheme than a Reich scheme, but I could be mis-remembering. If that's the case, I can understand his greeness in that area.
    • I am surprised at the lack of football knowledge exhibited by some people on here.  How long will you make excuses for Brissett?  I said before the season, and check my posts, that Brissett is a mediocre QB at best who will never get better.  Why do I say this?  First of all, I am coming from a coaching perspective as I have coached for over 15 years.   Brissett only has success when a strong running game sets up play action and wide open receivers.  When a receiver is challenged, Brissett almost always avoids throwing the ball.  He locks onto his first read and if that player isn't open, he looks to check down.  He holds the ball far too long.  He is very inaccurate on plays where accuracy is most apparent.  Remember, even 3rd string QBs in the NFL can usually hit wide open receivers.  He seems like a really good person and people like him.  But to give him another year as starting QB, I would expect pretty much the same thing next year.  And that is just another year of wasted talent around him.  Now, the problem is, I don't know if there is a better option coming out of college considering where we draft.  And there are no free agents worth signing.  I would actually rather have a combination of Nick Foles as a bridge QB with a developmental QB then another year of Brissett.
    • Honestly I've not done enough research to say who I like best right now. My uninformed gut says Burrow, Love, Herbert, Tua, Eason, Hurtz in that order. I think it will likely end up being Burrow, Herbert, Love, Eason, Tua, Hurtz, but that's just a guess. I've seen enough of Fromm (live and TV) to know I don't like him. The injury history with Tua probably rules him out as well. Cinci is going to take Burrow, so he's out. So really it'll likely come down to Love and Herbert, with maybe Eason. We'll see.    I'm in the research mode right now. After I'm done reading up on their scheme, supporting rosters, reviews, stats, etc.. I'll start watching film over the holidays. I'll likely post stuff along the way. Individual stuff at first, then some comparative. 
    • Fans wills always go ballistic . If that is the case who in this draft will be there with our pick is the bigger question . I dont see any instant surefire starters that will be around and the cost to move to the top of the draft will be enormous. Why I see Brisket starting with a qb being groomed a year or waiting for the next draft loaded with qb talent .
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