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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I see some posts in this thread that would make it seem that way... I am definitely not, just want to point that out, haha! I even said in my first post on here that I could care less about the Pats fans. But I was agreeing with @King Colt ‘s OP that it did come off as rude when the fans booed, given that  team has given NE so many championships. I feel “meh” about the calls that didn’t go their way, don’t really care if this is the beginning of their downward spiral. I just didn’t expect the fans to boo and when they did my initial reaction was, wow, after all those championships? That’s rude. Not that they are the worst in the world, but definitely hypocritical if those same fans were criticizing those that booed Luck.    However, I also said I understood why they were booing, out of shock of seeing that home game winning streak disappear... same as I understood why the fans booed out of shock of hearing about Luck’s retirement. But sympathy for the Pats? Or their fans? Nah... never! 
    • You are jumping to inaccurate conclusions.  The the options in the poll were worded badly and some options were left out which skewed the results.  It could easily be interpreted as people think JB is average - below average but there aren't many better options so we are stuck with him until we are able to draft his replacement or something unlikely/crazy happens and a good QB actually hits FA.       Cut him and keep looking.  I would rather be terrible a couple years and be in position to go after top QBs until we find one, than finish 8-8 (give or take a game) and be stuck at mediocre.      See above ... at least we know and can move on and aren't stuck in mediocrity... and if they play that bad than we likely have a shot at Lawrence. I would be fine with a one win season if it meant we got Lawrence in 2021. 
    • Bunch of negative people on this thread. With Adam V being on IR I bet we are the youngest team in the league. How can you guys be so negative already for next season.
    • The Saints are banged up on defense. The ONLY way the Colts can beat them is to keep Brees on the sideline by running the &$*% ball and playing great defense, like they did in KC.     The Colts still have a shot at the wildcard too, if Pittsburg losses 3, Tenn loses 2 and Oakland loses a game.       But they’d still have to win 3.
    • Haha! Please, don’t judge my old city’s slogan based simply off of your fan experience at football games! (Now, if you want to add the road rage, pushing each other in lines at the supermarket, neighbors getting into fights in the middle of the street, etc... now you have a true basis for your argument  )
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