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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Yeah...JB is a good dude...but when people say they feel bad for him...I can’t help but laugh a little. He luckboxed into a starting QB job and then got a one-year $28M extension before even playing a snap.    I understand their reasons for doing it...but I wish they hadn’t. But since they did...I hope they take advantage and bring in a rookie to groom.  
    • @chad72, @Jared Cisneros   From Fantasy Pros: We're not likely going to know Cook's status and how much he'll play until Sunday, and even then, there's likely going to be smoke and mirrors. Cook did say he'll play in that game, but if you remember last year like I do, you remember him saying a similar sentiment before their game with the Rams where he went out and re-injured himself, then missed four weeks. ...   Cook should be locked into lineups as an RB1 but if the Vikings pull out front early, he's likely finding a warm spot on the bench. Mattison is more of a play if you're betting on the Vikings blowing the Lions out in order for the Vikings to rest Cook in the second half. That's always risky to count on, though if there were one game you could rely on it more than others, it's this one.     Here's my thinking:  Do I think both Cook and Mattison will outscore TD dependent Hunt?  If so, then should I not play both of them in my lineup over Hunt or even Guice (whos only had 4 targets through the past 3 weeks)?   Heck if I had to choose just one, I am leaning towards Mattison over Cook. Typically if the Vikings are leading in the 4th, Mattison takes over.  In this situation, logic dictates that Mattison will be spelling Cook throughout the game, and will likely take over entirely come 4th qtr (or sooner) if the Viking's have the lead.  I know it sounds crazy, but it also makes sense.
    • Philip Walker was also shifty and elusive while in college, but a much better passer.    
    • Imagine you're Reich and you've spent half of the season calling plays with receivers at different levels -- deep, intermediate, and short, and Brissett repeatedly throws short.   Do you continue calling those plays, or decide to play to Jacoby's strength -- short passing game. Not a quick short passing game, just a short passing game where Jacoby takes forever to decide what he wants to do, and then dumps it off late to the RB.
    • It's a bit misleading. 3 QB's considered 'franchise' level are also on that list.    Along with a couple leaders in the category who are on losing teams so those 20+ yd passes don't seem to be helping their teams win.  
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