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Zeke to the Colts rumors starting...

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7 minutes ago, Stephen said:

If we lose to the titans then we probably  are 0 and 2 as if we can't  beat the titans there is no way we should beat the chargers. That being said if we upset  the chargers and beat the titans we will be sitting  at 2-0 and in a prime position  to compete. The chiefs game is probably  a loss unless  our defense  plays like the 2000 ravens.

I had high hopes before Andrew called it quits now I see this season as kind of a mixed bag.

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Since the Colts have money they are always going to come up as an option for a star player who wants more money.  So far Ballard has shown no interest in those kinds of players.  I’d expect that to co

Why?  Because hes holding out for more money before the Cowboys run him into the ground?  No one is ever team first.  They all are looking out for them selves, otherwise we woulnt lose anyone to FA ev

I read that quickly ,so maybe I'm missing something but how is that a "rumor ?" Isn't it one guy that writes articles saying it would make sense ?  I don't see anything that states the Colts and Cowbo

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