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Indianapolis Colts
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    • for the love of....   Most people aren’t saying don’t give him time, it’s been clearly stated by many on here they are happy to wait and see.    But that doesn’t mean ignoring some aspects of his play so far. Your misrepresentation continues.
    • So when @ColtsBlueFL posts his analysis where’s the “your no expert” rant. Is it because it suits your own opinion?    @stitches at least attempted to show why he has that opinion. More than most do on here. 
    • Well he works for the colts so we will see. 
    • I was listening to a stampede blue podcast today. The guy went on like a 2 min long rant about fans need to give him time. He mentioned everything that has been said by some of us about how he lost his number 2 WR and has two young guys who he barely had snaps with. Campbell had one day of TC. Cain and Campbell took all preseason game. snaps from walker and Kelly. It’s going to take a little time.  I am actually terry impressed with what he has done with basically just TY. Had 1 1/2 games without TY. You wouldn’t put this kind of pressure on a guy we drafted after 20 games. That’s JB starting experience. Give him time. I don’t think it will take long. 
    • You guys gotta give Brissett time to develop. His ceiling doesn't need to be incredibly high, but just high enough. He needs to make some longer throws, and I know this not happening has fans on edge, but I was talking to a Bill's fan who has watched Brissett and he told me that he has improved tremendously in accuracy.    He deserves the year and if he finishes how he started I would be fine with him finishing out his contract. Hes got the character. Hes got the work ethic. Give him some time. Brady wasnt Brady in his first starting season.    Like I said. Brissett needs to be just a tiny bit better than he is for this team to not need to worry about the QB position, imo.    This next draft needs to be oline and dline heavy.. Invest more in the lines and take both sides to the next level.     
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