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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think this could be a breakout game for JB to be honest. Houston's DBs are a bit hobbled, and one of their OTs is pretty banged up. That aside, I think TY will do his thing, and I'm betting Ebron shakes off the drops.    That tweet where JB said the deep balls are coming, does give me hope. Not because I want him throwing deep a bunch, but because going deep a couple times will impact how Houston's D will play us. Houston is not great at all vs the pass, but top 10 vs the run. I'm guessing Reich will try to exploit that. It's pretty much a given they're going to key on stopping Mack and TY, and both Reich (play calling) and JB need to use that against them.    If JB could have a good game and win this one, we have 3 very winnable games after that. Being 7-2 going into the last 7 games (which should be pretty tight) would be awesome. 
    • Matt Ryan deserves better. 30 for 36 4Tds and still loses. Teams were like 18-2 when stat line like this happens and Matt Ryan has the only 2 loses 
    • Cant say I like OSU a single ounce. Unfortunately they churn out a ton of talent. With that, once they become Colts, I can usually come around to the players. Seems CB is fond of that pipeline but our guys are injured an awful lot. Maybe stop drafting OSU players? It just seems hard to trust them to stay on the field. 
    • This weeks Around the NFL preview on Colts vs Texans is kinda relevant. 29 Minute mark it starts:   http://www.nfl.com/m/share?p=%2Fvideos%2Faround-the-nfl%2F0ap3000001066625%2FATN-2019-Week-7-Preview
    • Well... leave room for the possibility of TY and Brissett having a great outing this week.   TY's 3rd best game vs the Texans...who he's punished and torched relentlessly... came with Brissett as the QB in 2017 in the waning days of that very same Grigson/Pagano mess. Yes, Ballard was aboard by then but had yet to comprehensively turn over the roster.   No one can dispute the read/progression capabilities that Andrew had as a QB....but Jacoby HAS a chemistry with TY that will only be bolstered by the run game and the O-line, which pummeled Houston last year. And that was WITH Clowney there.   A big key to this game, IMO....is rattling and physically pounding Watson...and mixing coverages like we did against Mahomes.   I believe we can, I believe TY will light them up again....and I'm picking us to win this game.... 27-17.
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