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Colts Vs. Browns Preseason Game Day Thread


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Hi, Colts fans!  :) Our Indianapolis Colts will try to win both their first preseason, and first game in 2019 as they host the Cleveland Browns, as both teams lead off the Saturday's live game action in the Week 2, 2019  NFL Preseason Schedule, and the Colts Vs. Browns NFL game will be the first of three live preseason games televised nationally on The NFL Network.


Our Colts suffered a 24-16 preseason road loss at Buffalo, while Browns won in Cleveland, defeating the Redskins 30-10 in both teams Week 1 preseason games.


Indianapolis and Cleveland are playing their ninth all-time preseason game, with the Colts leading the series 6-2.  Colts defeated the Browns in 27-6 in both teams last preseason meeting played at Lucas Oil Stadium (the building) back on August 24, 2013. 


Indianapolis and Cleveland have also played 29 games, including 25 regular season games (Colts lead 13-12), and 4 postseason games (2-2). Colts defeated the Browns 31-28 in the last meeting played at LOS back on September 24, 2017.


Colts held their last full week of their training camp, and  have been having joint practices with the Cleveland Browns after the Browns arrived to Indiana Tuesday night.  Both teams held joint practices on Wednesday and Thursday at the Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield.


Colts Head Coach Frank Reich and his Colts assistant coaches and support staff concluded and  wrapped up the 2019 training camp Friday at Westfield. Many players played great after healing from injuries during the offseason, and competition for wide receiver and cornerback are reportedly intense during training camps. Colts WR Daurice Fountain suffered and was hospitalized and had surgery with  his severe ankle injury on Friday's last day of training camp.


Cleveland Browns also feature players that may only play a few offensive series after the start of this afternoon's game, including second-year players QB Baker Mayfield and RB Nick Chubb, and off-season signees WR Odell Beckham, Jr., and RB Kareem Hunt.  Browns had a second half surge during the second half of their 2018 NFL Regular Season, and finished 7-8-1.


Third-year Colts QB Jacoby Brissett could start the rest of the preseason games, as news of Andrew Luck's calf and ankle sprain, and uncertainty of Luck available to start in Week 1 of the NFL Regular Season made around the media outlets, after being awarded the 2018 NFL Comeback Player Of The Year.


Greg Rakestraw and former University Of Northwestern and NFL coach Rick Venturi are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Larra Overton, simulcast locally in Indianapolis both on WXIN FOX Channel 59 and live online game streaming  in your personal devices on https://fox59.com/ , regionally in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky on the Colts Preseason Television Network, and nationally on both The NFL Network, and The Armed Forces Broadcast Network.


LOS's roof will be closed for this afternoon's 4:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because the local gamecast around the stadium area in Downtown Indianapolis is 84 degrees, feels like 88 degrees, 15% precipitation, 59% humidity, and southwest winds at 8 miles per hour.


NO injuries to all the Colts and Browns players, as all of them continue to both apply and audition for rosters sports in September, especially the drafted and undrafted college players,  and the rookie and veteran free agents, make the cut throughout the preseason games and their teams training camps, from the current 90-man rosters, to the final 53-man regular season roster and practice squad.


Win your first game in front home fans for the first time in 2019 at LOS, Go Blue, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!! :cheer:  :rock:    :coltslogo: . :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:    :cheer:   :D


2019 Colts Vs. Browns Broadcast Info, Game Preview, and Live NFL Game Centers:













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Wondering if the new thing in the entire NFL is that head coaches do not seem to putting their starting players on the field as much during pre-season as they did in the past . That being said ……...GO COLTS !!!!!

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Anyone else hope/think they might let Kelly play qb for an entire half?  I hope he plays 2nd and 3rd qtr.... The team knows who Walker is, let's see what Kelly does with our number twos....


Also, if they are giving Kareem hunt the twenty carries just mentioned, temper the criticism a bit of our run d, at least the backups when they go against him en masse..


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Incomplete in the flat to Hunt, Margus disrupts, Complete for about 4, D Leonard stop, 


Go to nickel d on 3and 6....   False start....


3rd and 11..... Still in nickel from the 16 yd line..... 22 yard complete up middle of zone.  Cover 2.  No pressure lead to completion.


1 and 10.  K hunt 2 yd.  Hunt and walker stop.


Fast pass out to right, dropped .. desir covers


3and 8 in nickel... Fake blitz, shift to man coverage.... Pass broken up by desir.  


Punt forthcoming from cle.



Colts held on return....

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I wish we could get some looks with this defense against Mayfield tonight, but it is what it is. Good for confidence, as we are looking pretty solid. Offense is going to be very basic again. Trying to establish that run. Need to open it up a bit on 3rd down, IMO. Everything will be OK. 


We'll see more next week. 

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Browns 1st down from 36... K hunt runs for 4, geathers stopped.


2nd and 6.... Hunt for no gain.  Leonard tackle.  Wr 88 held..... Loss of ten.


2nd and 16 from 30 yd line....


In nickel, Moore in slot.... Incomplete, a. Walker covers about 12 yds downfield...


No blitz will be this preseason....Venturi says will only use four man rush.  


Turay sack using inside, nine yard sack.... 


4th and 25, false star....


Punting 4th and 30 from the 15


Rogers shows why he should be upgraded from as returner.... Waved it off and we start deeeep in own territory.  Bad decision imo.

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1 minute ago, ColtStrong2013 said:

I wish we could get some looks with this defense against Mayfield tonight, but it is what it is. Good for confidence, as we are looking pretty solid. Offense is going to be very basic again. Trying to establish that run. Need to open it up a bit on 3rd down, IMO. Everything will be OK. 

Next to impossible to establish a run really when you do it every snap.... Lol.

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    • Hmmmmm...... Steelers rely on their D and amass alot of their top picks at the linebacker position. The Colts want to run the ball and dominate teams with their highly touted Oline that has 3 #1' and a high 2nd rounder. What is your point??
    • I hear you, but my gut says if you don’t see a guy that instantly shows you he can be great, you probably don’t take him in the 1st (at least as it pertains to QB’s).    Plus I feel like a lot of what he has we’ve seen before. The guy who isn’t special but is efficient. That screams Mitchell Trubisky, Blake Bortles, Brandon Weeden, Jake Fromm, etc...   Now he’s playing at a higher level than those guys did in college, but he also has a ton of talent around him. Also let’s not forget about the season Dwayne Haskins had his final year. And Haskins also lacked a stand out trait. Elite college production isn’t a trait.
    • It would say not injury related like it says with Houston if it was exposure. This is exactly what happened with Autry before he got put on the list. They most likely have symptoms and are just waiting for it to show up on a test like Autry. I hope though it’s not covid related but it seems it is.
    • For what it’s worth...    Regarding Rivers’ injury, if it’s indeed “turf toe” — and it’s not clear that’s what it is — but if it is, that’s one of the worst injuries a player can get.   Players say it’s among the most painful injuries you can get.   They often describe it as like “walking on broken glass” with sharp, shooting pain.   “Turf toe” doesn’t sound bad, but it is.     So let’s hope PR’s injury is some other type of toe injury and not turf toe. 
    • We don’t  know if Blackmon and Rock have or were exposed to COVID. Until the Colts put them on the COVID/reserve list like Buckner its just speculation.  Definitely a compliment. Lol
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