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    • They judged from training camp throughout preseason.  I don't think it was a mistake because clearly he was making plays.  I'm not sure how much room they had to anticipate he wouldn't be ready during the live games.  His case happened a bit different from Fountain, but they both when all the smoke cleared needed to sit and learn on the PS a little bit. 
    • Fromm is basically an upgraded Jacoby Brissett, a high-end game manager that won't turn the ball over and makes enough plays to win you some games. I'd take Fromm over JB.    I'd say take a guy like Jordan Love or Jacob Eason with the Redskins pick and develop them for a year under JB. End of next year, stick with whichever guy you're more confident will take you where you wanna go. 
    • Once Funchess hits the field either this week or next and assuming he gives us solid production throughout could we not just rework the contract if we want to bring him back?  I don't see this as a total waste with the 1 year contract he received. 
    • If, both Funchess and Campbell were healthy, I don’t think The WR position would look like a major need going into 2020. Fortunately, 2020 is loaded at WR and I wouldn’t be against taking one in Round #1.    The only FA WR I’d consider is A. Cooper, which won’t happen.   DT, CB, TE and possibly QB should the main positions addressed early in 2020.    
    • Are there true "Kelly fans"? Or did you put that in semi-quotes because it's a euphemism for something else?   I disagree with some of your characterizations of Kelly and Hoyer, but what I really disagree with is your characterization of the situation and the calculus of the staff. And I guess part of that goes back to your evaluation of Kelly.   Just think about his situation. We know he has physical tools, he had some good performances in college, and he hasn't been in trouble recently. Yet, he was the last player picked in his draft class, the Broncos didn't keep him despite having a terrible QB situation, he sat on the market until May, played well in preseason, but still cleared waivers in mid-September despite several teams having bad QB situations (Steelers, Jaguars, Washington, Eagles, Panthers, just a sample of teams that had early season QB injuries), then signed back to our practice squad. And he sat on our practice squad for two months without being plucked away (and yes, we're paying him active roster money, but another team could match that and give him a three week automatic spot on the active roster).   Now, you and other "Kelly fans" might think highly of his prospects, but you at least have to admit that he's not highly coveted by the rest of the NFL. It's entirely possible that the only reason he's even on an NFL team is because of his connection with Frank Reich. Other teams might feel like he's a talented project who needs to develop, but they might not have been convinced that he would put in the work and stay out of trouble. Reich felt like he could check both of those boxes, but that doesn't mean Kelly isn't still a project. That's my read on the reason Kelly was signed, cleared waivers, and stuck on our practice squad. I could be wrong, but I'm just connecting the dots.    If that's close to accurate, it doesn't really matter whether he's more talented than Hoyer. (There's another free agent QB who is way more talented and proven than Hoyer, and his initials are also "CK," but there are other reasons he's not on an NFL roster. Whether it's right or wrong, roster decisions don't just come down to talent, especially with QBs.) This is not a simple black/white evaluation of whether he's stable enough to be on the roster, in which case he should play over Hoyer, or if not, he shouldn't be on the roster at all. That's a gross oversimplification.   To the bolded, I especially disagree with that. I assume that Kelly stays on the active roster the rest of the season, barring a significant series of events that makes his roster spot absolutely critical. I don't think JB will be 100% for the rest of the season, so I think they'll carry three QBs as long as they can. I could be wrong.   And as it relates to Hoyer, I think these recent evaluations of him are overly harsh. I'm not and never have been excited about him as a QB, but he's done what a typical backup QB does throughout his career. He's not going to carry your team to victory, but he can run the offense. He's had a bunch of turnovers the last two games, but that's not typical of him. Before the Miami game, he hadn't had a multiple INT game in his last 21 starts, going back to 2014. He's a 60% passer who had a .500 record prior to a bunch of starts for a dreadful Niners team in 2017.   I'm thinking the reason he looked so bad against Miami is that our receivers were hurt, the OL didn't play well, and he made a couple bad decisions. (I also think Frank Reich left two thirds of his playbook in Kansas City, but that's a topic for another thread.) I don't think he's useless, I think he's a reasonable backup that was thrown out there in a terrible situation, and I don't think he got the help he needed from the rest of the offense. You say Hoyer weakens the team relative to Kelly, but that's heavily based on your bullish projection of Kelly. It's certainly not based on anything Kelly has done in the NFL.   Perhaps Kelly would have played better, but make a realistic assessment of the situation, and think about whether it would have been ideal to put him out there under those circumstances for his first real NFL game.    Hoyer vs Kelly isn't really a compelling argument for me. Right now, I'd rather have Hoyer play, but I think Kelly has way more upside. Overall, I hope JB is ready to go for the rest of the season (and I hope he starts giving his receivers more chances to make plays down the field), because he's better than both of them right now. If that's the case, we're arguing about which backup QB dresses but doesn't play on Sundays. Again, not compelling, IMO.
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