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Indianapolis Colts

Derwin James out for a significant time

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Chargers All Pro safety Derwin James suffered a stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot.  Some know it as the "Jones" fracture, but I also know it as what Dr. Chao calls it the Wide receiver fracture as Dez Bryant, Sammy Watkins, Julio Jones, and Julian Edelman (maybe more) suffered the same.


If not treated surgically, this could be season ending.  If surgically repaired, James could possibly return sometime before or around mid season. However, experience with all of the above athletes also shows a quick return to play also exposes the player to re-fracture and a necessary second surgery.




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That really wasn't a surprise (at least to me), surgery for James.  Yet another no surprise, they may try to get him back in ASAP (minimum just after mid season or so).  However, at some future time not too long after, may well have a good chance to re-fracture it again... just like those mentioned above and, most recently, Greg Olsen. Feel a little bad for the guy.





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    • Going into the season there were some that thought Pascal wouldn't make the roster. I had him as a #4, he is good enough to be a #3 IMO. 
    • That could be written about him now.   What i see, is that his negatives should be fixable.   I think JB can be successful.  I think now you have to gameplan and script well to help him.  And i feel , in time, he can improve the down the field stuff.     He protects the ball, so with a good D he could be “the guy.”   But is he “the guy” for the Colts.      I’m not gonna bash JB.  I respect what he has done.  I just hope Reich/Ballard ate realistic in what he can be and if that is enough.  I dont have the expertise to know.  Heck, its a guess for Reich and Ballard.   I do, however, support drafting a QB (hopefully one with promise, not back-up ceiling quality) to compete and possibly be the future.     JB was thrust into a terrible position 2 years ago and he never complained.  In fact, all he did was gain the respect and faith of coaches and teamates. Then, this year, he is thrust unexpectedly into following a “generational talent” that replaced a “goat” and once again, he handled it with class.  Now i agree i’d like to see more from him, but with the issues this tear its hard to tell whos to blame.  I’m not sure he’s the answer, bit i also think many QBs would have struggled here.  Look at how Brady is doing without receiver help.
    • So why the love from Parcells, Reich and Ballard? Must be his personal character and leadership they like so much. They never talked about Luck that way...that I know of.
    • I look at Pascal as a #3 but that is my opinion. Average, not great/not bad. 
    • Until you can prove otherwise, JB is taking us nowhere.  
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