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Colts Browns joint practice 8/15


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10 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

Man, I love that they do this alumni day... whoever came up with that nailed it .. for fans and the team culture, mostly the fans... But still, killer idea.

There will be a lot of battle hardened knowledge on the field today 

for the current players to pick the minds of. It also allows the 

retired vets get a glimpse of a quality Colts team since the days 

that they played.


Everyone is getting excited about this season.

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8 minutes ago, CR91 said:


Big sigh of relief

Nice. One area where we apparently struggled yesterday (according to Browns.com at least) was the run game. It'll be interesting to see if we do any better there with him back, if he does partake in 11 on 11's.

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There is Plantar flexion (what you see in the photo as the toes move closer to the ground and Luck strides out) as you step into the throw with your front foot and Dorsiflexion (move in the opposite direction) as the weight moves over the front foot during the follow through.  Plenty of flexion going on...... Any ankle our lower leg injury could (and evidently is causing) cause pain.

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    • For fantasy purposes I hope Jacoby doesn’t vulture a TD or two from JT lol.
    • Yes, punter is a position of importance.  Before the Colts-Titans 2 last week one of the reporters on ESPN (I think Matt Hasselbeck) said during predictions that he was taking the Titans and thought the game changer would be the punter, noting how much better they are in the field position battle when their healthy punter is on the field compared to the guy who messed up a few punts in our win during the first week.   However, if Ryan Allen was that effective a P, he likely wouldn't be on the waiver wire late in the season.  I tend to agree that Rigo will probably be back soon as it sounds like he had successful surgery removing a tumor which was not spreading to other parts of the body.  I have not seen where the tumor was or anything else aside from that.... however, I could see this game as a 'live tryout' for Allen, if he stinks cut him, if he does great and it doesn't look good on Rigo returning soon then sign him to the active roster.
    • Again, it’s your team. You asked for input, I gave it. You don’t have to agree or convince me otherwise. 
    • Gotta be effective with it.  If they are I fully expect the Colts to run it.  That’s what Frank likes to do and without your starting left tackle and your non-mobile QB being gimpy to start with going up against JJ Wyatt and weak run defense it makes sense. 
    • The only thing I’d add is that I don’t think Lewis was ever drafted to be a pass rusher like Houston is.  He’s more a run stopper.  I think they were hoping he could fill the role that Shread played and now Autry plays.  The good news is he’s coming on even if he didn’t play well last week.  I still expect the. To let Autry walk at seasons end and have Lewis take over Autry’s role.
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