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Colts Browns joint practice 8/15


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10 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

Man, I love that they do this alumni day... whoever came up with that nailed it .. for fans and the team culture, mostly the fans... But still, killer idea.

There will be a lot of battle hardened knowledge on the field today 

for the current players to pick the minds of. It also allows the 

retired vets get a glimpse of a quality Colts team since the days 

that they played.


Everyone is getting excited about this season.

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8 minutes ago, CR91 said:


Big sigh of relief

Nice. One area where we apparently struggled yesterday (according to Browns.com at least) was the run game. It'll be interesting to see if we do any better there with him back, if he does partake in 11 on 11's.

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There is Plantar flexion (what you see in the photo as the toes move closer to the ground and Luck strides out) as you step into the throw with your front foot and Dorsiflexion (move in the opposite direction) as the weight moves over the front foot during the follow through.  Plenty of flexion going on...... Any ankle our lower leg injury could (and evidently is causing) cause pain.

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    • ? Rivers is the QB and the leader of this team. Yes the strong point of our team is the defense but it it still the offense that scores the points to win.  I agree that no one player is responsible but his veterans leadership means more than you want to give any credit.  Just because he is not a Mahomes or a Wilson does not devalue what he is to this team.  With the help of the defense he pretty much equaled Rogers this last week.  He has already done more for this team than a lot of fans thought he would. 
    • I don’t mean to split hairs....   But while freely admitting 2020 Rivers isn’t 2010 Rivers or even 2018 Rivers, he’s certainly much better than 2019 Rivers.  He’s having a very good year, and he’s doing that without the weapons that other QB’s have.   And he’s doing it without the expected running game until this week.      2020 Rivers is also clearly better than 2019 Brissett, so I’m not ready to discount his responsibility for our current 7-3.  I agree things could still come off the rails.   I agree that the defense and ST get equal or greater credit, but still...   Rivers is driving our offensive train in a way JB could not.  So it feels that at least thru 10 weeks, at least, he’s deserving of more credit than you’re currently offering.    Did I thread that very small needle?    
    • When I was watching it on TV it seemed like there were a lot of Packers there but it seemed like 50/50 to me. Our crowd got loud when we were on defense at the end of regulation and in OT. 50/50 is still bad for a home team but it was noisy for the Colts at times too.
    • It's the Tarik Glenn rule......lol
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