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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Slightly off topic, but yes.  We've invested capital in projects.  I won't say just like we did with TJ Green, but its not that far off.     I'm tired of investing based on projections....or the NFL term...high ceiling.   I've become a low floor kind of guy.   Kelly, Nelson, Smith were all low floor guys.  Outside of Leonard, they have been our best draft picks over the past few years because they consistently perform at a high level, where they were expected to perform nearly on day one.   Turay, Lewis, Benagu, and Hooker for that matter, have been high picks that were based upon their perceived ceilings.  Wilson had some polish issues too, as did Basham.  Hines was a 4th, but he's not done as much as he needs to for a player getting PT in a skilled position.   They were all drafted no later than the third.  IMO, its taken too long for them to have earned their draft spots.  Turay and Benagu have more time.   I'm for drafting guys in the first 2 rounds this year....three picks...that are low floor guys.  A possession WR, a DT that can outplay Hunt or Grover on day one, but might not ever be an all-pro, and either an all around TE to replace both Ebron and Doyle (mainly Ebron) or a RB.
    • I am not past it yet, so I'll keep how I really feel to myself. At the time, I was pretty upset.    The officials inferring there was no mistake now has me even more upset. 
    • I’m wondering if Kap is just playing the NFL.   I saw Kap recently signed a new deal with Nike, and that Nike’s sales/stock have been affected positively thru the recent Kap “interest.”   Is this all just a “hype” thing for promotion?  Does Kap really have intentions to play again in the NFL?   Something is off here.
    • Unless we suddenly get a passing game that doesn't completely blow we are not running the table.
    • I doubt drafting a QB in the later rounds is going to get you a future QB. You have three choices. You can trade up and get a QB. At that point your done with Jacoby and that rookie is starting next year. It would be interesting how the team would respond to Jacoby if they moved up and sat him a year. Maybe there will be one in the second round that you sit a year.  Or the third option is get another big time WR and other pieces then see what you have.  It’s all going to depend who is there where we pick and what direction they decide to go. I think drafting a QB later then the second is pretty much  waste of a pick.
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