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Indianapolis Colts
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    • If we're out of playoff contention, AND we're getting beat badly in the 2nd half, or up big in the 4Q, there's really no reason not to put Kelly in. You've already seen JB early, and we all know that we don't want to see Hoyer lol.    I think it's important to evaluate Kelly if we have an opportunity.
    • I don’t think it’s a coaches thing to be honest. You have to remember that these are professional athletes who want to be in the game at all costs. Most of the times the coaches will ask a player how bad the injury is and if they feel they can  go or not. More often than not those players will downplay the injury and try to fight through the pain for the team, It’s not always on the coaches. 
    • CoY is always a wildcard. Part popularity, part luck, part XX...  I'd probably go with Shanahan at this point, but I could make a case for several.  BB is Coach of All Time... They should just give him that trophy and disqualify him from the yearlies. 
    • If he was injured for that long and struggling we need to reevaluate our coaches.
    • Either you didn't read what I posted, or didn't understand it.   First, I never said Ballard was taking a LB early. I said depth MLB/MIKE. That could be done via FA or mid (4th) to late draft.    Second, I said that comparing Oke to Walker is not really relevant anymore, because Oke has moved more to a SAM role (Walker is MIKE). If you're not aware, our base D is really nickel. We only play around 20-35% SAM depending on game plan. I also said you'll still see Oke play at MIKE on obvious passing downs, but we haven't seen him play many (or any) early/running downs at MIKE since the move to SAM.    IMO, they got a good chance to see Oke play MLB (all downs) while Leonard was out, and they saw enough to know he's not a 3 down answer there. He is however the 3rd best LB we have so they bumped Adams from SAM. That's the reason I said Franklin (#2 SAM) will likely not be a Colt next year.   Also, comparing Bush to Oke is silly to start with. Different scheme (3-4 to 4-3) and Bush is playing ILB while Oke is now playing OLB/SAM with a little pass coverage MIKE mixed in. Bush plays in non-dime downs mostly. Bush is also simply very different. Shorter but the same weight, and much faster and stronger than Oke.             
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