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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Not a lot of draftniks are rating any kickers (not even Blankenship) as draftable this year.  I guess teams like us who had kicking struggles all year might pull the trigger in the 6th or 7th if they're really worried about it.  But, seriously, even before we just signed McClaughlin the other day, I had us signing him, Cole Hedlund, and a rookie undrafted, and having a good, old-fashioned kicking competition.   
    • That is not supported by any stat out there.    We're right in the middle in terms of "QB Hits" this year. And I'd say that's darn good for a QB has a bottom 5 time to throw. And we were top 10 best last year, and that was with OL musical chairs the first 3rd of the season.   When you go from top 10 time to throw in 2018, to bottom 5 in 2019, you don't think that impacts the OL? Any QB that doesn't hold onto the ball all day will be just fine.   It's amazing people don't see the impact on the OL... Not only does JB have a very high TTT, but because teams don't respect his ability to pass, they can over focus early downs on the run, and have an easier time on obvious passing downs. It's amazing we're still top 5 in rushing.
    • I can agree with the bolded for sure!     To me- this is what would make or break ANY prospects of Swagmatic staying in the blue...   He looked good against PS comp... but as do many PS phenoms that ONLY do it in the PS...   I want to see him with the 1s... If we were at the point that there is nothing really left to lose...   Was he throwing good balls into tight windows because of his arm... or because of the step-slower 2s/3s on the defense... can he still make those throws against STARTING LEVEL D?   Was he able to make moves in the pocket, and show some running ability because he's actually a solid mobile QB... or because the 2s/3s on the DL he was playing against are slower/less aware than the 1s would have been?   He showed me, personally, that he can play the game... but that still doesnt mean that he can compete in this game...   Hence my curiosity lol  
    • Without support of a 4 page white paper, as a broad statement, it is more accurate than saying, QBs tend to get injured when they don't have contact.   Perhaps a less literal reading of the sentence would be:  WHEN QBs get injured, its usually when they have contact.  OR, injuries to QBs tend to occur when they engage contact, as opposed to standing still and throwing, or by incidental contact of NFL thick arms spraining their boney ankles.    
    • Ok forget it Brissett is terrible.
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