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Irsay’s comments on Luck


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    • My thoughts exactly watching thay game last night.   Brutal     2-4 division leaders, he could be just what they need.
    • Bro I've been here for almost 10 years. I'm no troll. All I'm saying is stats are not the biggest indicator for the HOF especially for a first ballot HOF. I never said he's not a HOF. I said it might take him awhile to get in. 
    • I'm thinking the Cowboys could/should have interest in him right now.?  
    • Yes he even said it in 2018. He didn’t like him as well. 
    • No, in your first post you say stats aren't important without post-season success.  Then you use a very poor example by comparing Rivers to Kenny Anderson.  Your logic in this post was very flawed.   Then you suggest I don't realize today's NFL is more passer-friendly than it was when Kenny Anderson played, which you were wrong about.   Then you come back with another post suggesting that stats do matter and use a list with 75% of the guys you named not having a superbowl ring (only Marv has 1).  Then you lie about your statistics, so not only were you trying to reverse your stance on flawed logic, you were lying with your claims (by the way Carter isn't in the top 10 in receiving yards).     Ray Lewis wasn't (i.e., was NOT) found guilty on double murder.  He is also pretty much unarguably the best middle linebacker of his generation and arguably of all time (and had multiple super bowl rings).  Ray Lewis was always considered a team leader and an exceptional team mate.  There was a video of Randy Moss hitting a crossing guard with his car.  Randy Moss was known for taking plays off if he felt like it.  Owens had character issues on and off the field his entire career (including spitting in an opponents face on the field and overdosing on pain killers off the field).  Owens truly displayed his character by being the only member of the NFL HOF to skip his induction ceremony and instead held a private party.  Marvin punched a young fan at the pro bowl and was in the news related to multiple shootings outside his carwash very near the time he was up for eligibilty.   I'm really not nitpicking anything at all.  I'm saying you have flawed logic to start the argument and you are lying (maybe not intentionally, maybe you're desperate and don't realize you're making stuff up) and reversing on your logic from your initial argument.  And you're obviously not reading my posts fully and are seemingly attempting to be a troll.    
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