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Indianapolis Colts
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    • They've earned that much.  The NFL doesn't want to do that, but you can't really ignore the evidence.  All 6 SB trophies they have are asterisked in some way because of spygate 1 or 2.  If anything, it makes the argument against them even stronger.  Even if t hey say, "it's not a huge advantage," the fact of the matter is, whatever advantage it provided, was enough to win 6 super bowls.  And yet, without it, couldn't win any.   Their fault and no matter what the NFL does, thanks for giving the rest of the NFL an excuse to deny Bill and Brady as the best ever.   They still ought to be in a 5-10 year hellhole.  I prefer 20 since that's how long we've had to listen to Pats claim to be the greatest.    Vacate SBs.  Ban from the HOF.  Forfeit 20 years of 1st Rounders.  Force Kraft to sell.     Maybe that's overkill, but at this point, I don't care.  I'm scared from the Manning v. Brady arguments, and now I'm out for blood!  lol 
    • I was being sarcastic because you assume someone cares. 
    • To me JB starts the Saints game and maybe we get a win.  If we do he keeps starting until we are eliminated.  If we lose I would still start JB the next game but everyone will know in advance we are going to play Kelly during the last two games.  I don't think the team would have a problem with that including JB.  He is on the active roster and this is an opportunity to see a teammate in action. 
    • There is no guarantee next year would have the same outcome as this year. There was a lot of things that went wrong in this season and Jacoby isn’t the only reason. Chances are even if we draft the future Jacoby will be the starter next year. A lot of strange things have happened this year that has  lead up to our record. Just look at the turning point. We were 5-2 going into the Steelers game. What happened Jacoby got injured and our WR stated dropping like flies. You can’t underestimate the importance of Ty. Pascal has done great but he isn’t what you would call a playmaker. The things TY can do to fake out defenders ect makes him a great player.  We are missing actual playmakers in the 4th quarter of games. No matter what they do at QB I am excited if Jacoby starts next season and to see what he can do with heathy and upgraded weapons. Plus not having all the drama with Luck two weeks before the season.  Yes he has had some issues but to me I give him a incomplete with everything that has happened.
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