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Colts @ Bills Preseason Game Night Thread


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15 minutes ago, Coltsman1788 said:

Unfortunately Basham wasn't really progressing to Ballard's satisfaction.  So he is no longer a Colt.  


Thanks for the reply. I know that the Vikes had worked him out before the draft. Some of us thought the Vikes would draft him. Too bad he did not work out with the Colts.

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I feel bad for receivers that are on the bubble. If you have crap QB how are you supposed to show anything.  Johnson has showed the most so far. Fountain is non existent.

Just now, unitas2berry said:

What quarter and time left?


It’s in the 4th. Not sure how much time is left.

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1 minute ago, Chloe6124 said:

Hines hasn’t had a good chance to return punts. He hasn’t looked shaky on the one he had for a little run back.

Yeah tough to evaluate him on that tonight.  Only thing I'll say is at least he has had the good sense to steer clear of the football.  He was a disaster last preseason.    So that's mental progress.  lol

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