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Manning To The Titans? [Merge]

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Well, usually on here if you are informing everyone of "news" that you read elsewhere, you provide a link. If it's just your opinion, that's wonderful, but you should say so in your post. I wouldn't have bothered replying.

Trying to be funny? I suspect that Adam's kids might have something to say about it. "I know, I'm going to sign over my billion dollar franchise to a jock". The only question is which would come first, the NFL rejection on the grounds that would eat up most of their cap for the next 20 years, or the law suit to have him declared incompetent.

it was reported by some beat writer on twitter I saw it on my phone and I dont feel like going through hundreds of tweets to find it. I agree with what your saying about his family and the NFL. Apparently Denver wasnt too happy about it well see what happens.
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Government at that level is a joke!

Perhaps gov't at "that level" sees what Peyton has done for Indy and the trickle down effects of his presence and would like the same for Tennessee. Surely not a joke. :dunno:

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49ERS!!! I know what I'm talking about!! BOOM

lmao no u really don't. U said Baltimore for crying out loud. All 3 teams I said were actually in the running. I also said 49ers btw but said it was a slim chance. BOOM!!!!

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You know the game here in Indy will be on national TV and the chance that Peyton might get cheered when he throws a TD must be a horrifying thought for Irsay.

Why? If the seats are full and the game is on national TV, Irsay and the Colts are making money. A large percentage of Colts fans will cheer for Manning every time we play whoever his team is going to be. Horrifying would be empty seats and no TV coverage.

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