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Pre-Season Priorities... (Evaluation vs. Winning)

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Very pleased to see this story over on another website (SB)...   Think it comes from the CBS affiliate in Indy....


What are the Colts priorities this pre-season.   For Reich and Ballard,  it's far more important to evaluate the players on our 90-man roster.


That's far more important than winning.


The worst possible thing is cutting someone and having them show up on another team and he turns into a good player.   Sometimes it can't be helped,   but you want as little of this as possible.    So, you want to give everyone a good long look.    More information is better.   It helps to make a correct decision.


Worth a quick read....




In a perfect world, we'd go 2-2 and get a good look at everyone.   Also, obviously,  as few injuries as possible....

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Indystar had a similar article that shared the "evaluation vs winning" comments and it's spot on. 


I hope, especially in this first game, they play the "locks" very little if at all, and let the rooks and folks competing for a spot get most of the time. 


I disagree about 2-2, but I really don't care about pre-season W/L. In a perfect world, we have so much good competition that while sitting most of our starters (the Bills are likely doing the same), we still beat anyone we play.


Winning in the pre-season speaks more to quality of depth and competition than anything else. We'll be vanilla as heck, but hopefully our talent and execution are good enough to prevail.



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