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Indianapolis Colts
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    • My God, you're right...   It's a conspiracy, man.   If Reich know tha hez company loyal to stand by the nonsense and the obvimously lack of talent an holes on diz roster then then he knows that if he shows JB can't reaf his progrezions den the opposing teams will have the advantage! Reich try to tank for a top 10 pick! We all know it!   BACK TO THE PILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               *I lost today's internal battle, because of my brother to the north... A certain south park song I am dieing to use as justification
    • If VM is saying it, it's likely because he's parroting what management is saying. Not saying it's not true, or true, just saying there's always a narrative. 
    • The lack of light front carries is either play calling, or JB's choice. Light front carries may also be down simply because of down and distance when facing light fronts. I'm guessing this goes at least partly to JB's struggles with reading Ds.   And using "stacked box" stats are very imperfect. It's not always about what how many are in the box, it's what those guys do when the ball is snapped. The stacked box stat typically only measures 8+ defenders in the box at the time of snap. What it doesn't tell you is what the front seven does. Do the LBs play the run or go into coverage is the more accurate measurement, along with how much nickel and dime coverage you see.    If I were a D vs JB, I'd go standard package (no nickel/dime) most of the time, and have the LBs play run or shallow crossing, which is what we are generally seeing. 4 DBs on standard downs is sufficient vs our current O.  I'm going to say Reich and JB are making it more predictable. If the passing game is more successful, and the play calling isn't as conservative, we're not having this problem at all. Like I said in a previous post, very few team have RB1s that are dynamic in both running and passing. And honestly that's not Reich's O. Mack is 12 of 14 (yes only 14), so he's been very reliable. It's more lack of targets and play calling if anything.  He is an APB. An APB does not run it between the tackles often, and that's what Reich typically calls for him... An APB is a change of pace back that is usually more edge, sweep, receiving,  and gimmicky. I'd say his "average" play, is a product of use type. White rushing is 32 attempts for 104 yards, and a 3.3 average. Hines is 22 for 66 and 3.0 with mostly between the T rushes. Last year with Luck, Hines was 85/315 and 3.7 rushing.... do you see the difference....  Yes it's rare to have a stud #1 RB that excels in both. I think we are under utilizing Mack in the passing game, and I think Hines is hampered by both rush play calling, and by JB in the passing game. That's what they numbers suggest anyway. 
    • Humility is on the path to enlightenment...   Some-ish like that...   I try and remind myself daily lol
    • Ha, ha, ha.....whatever psyche job Reich wants to use. Brissett must be mentally fragile.  
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