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    • I probably will. However, every GM, Coach, or anyone associated with football should be judged based on their results, not "what looked like the right decision at the time." If that were true, Ballard would be chastisted for the 2018 draft and plenty other picks that looked like reaches. You have to give it a few years. Likewise, when Ballard makes a decision that is universally praised and it doesn't work out, you have to judge that by the result as well once you gain plenty of information. Good or bad, the end result is what you are judged on. 
    • You just basically repeated what I’ve been saying for weeks about Wisco.  Thanks.   beng from Wisco is a negative predicter of an effective nfl rusher too.   it is also my dispassionate analysis that this years line is quite. Bit better than the one Mack stated behind and that his 3.8 almost certainly would have been better with a better line.
    • Don’t be so emotional Estreet.  We are analyzing here.  I said right now.   I don’t understand why JT is getting the Brisett treatment this year.   the narrative in the echo chamber here is the line sucks, Reich sucks, rivers sucks, the receivers suck and that’s why we don’t run well.  seems far fetched.  JT will be a useful pro but I think he will have limitations and will need a complimentary back
    • A team could skip a year here and there...and of course it’s dependent on the draft class as well (especially for which round a WR is taken). But in the course of a 5-year stretch...it should take 4 early WRs picks to build a truly strong corps...unless the first 3 are all HRs...and then you decide to pay them.   But that’s pretty unlikely. Even PIT...who has a great trio...missed on a few. But by drafting so many WRs...they can potentially move on from JuJu...which will save a lot of cap space.   Of course there are also trades for established talent...so that would just replace the need to draft one for that given year...ala Hopkins in ARI.    I would consider WR to be 3 of the starting 22...if that team runs 1-1 sets 2/3 or greater of the time. But 4-5 are getting good snaps typically.    All of this is to say...WR is a position I value highly.     
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