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    • Through 6 games: Luck 2018 vs Rivers 2020   Record  Luck: 1-5 Rivers: 4-2   Worst losses Luck - Bengals (6-10), at Jets (4-12) Rivers - at Jags (1-5), at Browns (4-2)   Best Win Luck - at Washington (7-9) Rivers - at Chicago (5-1)   QBR Luck - 53.8 Rivers - 64.7   Rating  Luck - 86.8 Rivers - 93.0   AVG Luck - 6.2 Rivers - 8.1   INTs Luck - 8  Rivers - 6   Longest Completion Per Game Luck - 26/22/29/42/28/34 Rivers - 35/33/45/36/36/55   Deep Ball Accuracy (comp %) Luck (for the year) - 41.4% Rivers (through 5) - 57.1% (#7)   Air Yards Per Attempt Luck (for the year) - 4.4 Rivers (through 5) - 7.3 Now I'm not saying Rivers is better than Luck. But he was better the first 6 games in respective seasons. Both were coming into more or less new systems, learning a new scheme, and building chemistry with new guys.     Rivers can't push the ball downfield? Significantly better AVG, clearly longer completions per game. Also, significantly better in deep ball accuracy and air yards.   Morale of the story. Rivers isn't all that bad. For those calling for his head, were you calling for Luck's head after 6 in 2018? If you were, you know luck settled in a bit after the first 6.   Not saying we're going to go on a run like 2018, or Rivers won't look bad in games to come, just saying a little perspective every once in a while helps.
    • Unless he'll sign a very favorable (home team discount and/or short term) deal, yes, it's time to let him move on.
    • No. But regardless, he'll probably eventually be voted in.   If nothing else, his (likely) post football, media gig will allow him to further score points  enough voters on the fence to get it done.
    • Yes. Completely agree.    To me playoff talk is pointless until December.    I have a buddy in Nashville and texted him about this time last year that the Titans may be the worst team in the AFC South.  A QB switch and a hot streak later - all of the sudden they make it all the way to the AFCCG. 
    • This is why we brought Philip in, because that is Philip being Philip, down 21 and no problem. Oh what a fun day in here.  - I was never worried, we had Cincy right where we wanted them  
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