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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Colts are done we have lost 5 of 6 ,Let's stop with all these scenarios 
    • We aren’t beating the Saints so that dream ends there. 
    • Other than MPstack, I was probably the BIGGEST supporter of JB......   I am highly disappointed, and was hoping for more.   But..... it happens.    Time to find the next QB.    The defensive coordinators have figured out what JB can do, and he doesnt have the downfield accuracy and reads to overcome it........     We will get a VERY stacked box the rest of the way.   We have a developing team that lost a franchise QB at the last second.......     The sky truly is the limit, and my confidence in the front office and head coach is still very high.      
    • I was a big supporter of giving JB a chance to show us. Sadly, I was mistaken.  I thought he'd get much better as the season went along, but even taking into consideration the revolving door at WR, its clear JB hasn't improved much at all since 2017 in the things he does control. Time to find some competition with him.
    • This is my view   I doubt that CK is the answer, but I just want to give the kid a chance.... at this point we have nothing to lose   I was at the game yesterday, and when you see the open WRs and how ugly the passes looked you just sort of know....... JB isnt the answer.   At one point he was 4 of 12.  (If I remember correctly)   I may look at things differently than others. I would have never brought in Hoyer.   To me, you ALWAYS have a young QB that you are developing, that is your backup.   I really dont want someone who isnt able to start and win a game. Hoyer has lost 100% of the games he started ... There is a message there.    I would rather lose with a young QB that might develop into more as a backup than an older career backup who cant win a game, when counted upon.   I was hoping that JB was THAT guy..... someone that could garner draft picks in trade, or actually play when needed.  To me......  AFTER THE SEASON, I would move on from BOTH Hoyer and JB.  Its great that they are leaders, but dang........  They just arent NFL starting QBs.  Why have someone that cant be a starter, and has no future chance to be?   Why have someone on your roster like that? If JB was getting better, I say keep him in.   He is not.       Our vaunted OL cant block 8 man boxes.  We are playing against teams that have horrible pass defenses or are in a situation where 3 of 4 regular starters are out (Houston) and we STILL CANT PASS.               There is no way that the loss is 100% on JB, though.... we didnt tackle well, we didnt do a lot of things well.  When you give up almost FIVE HUNDRED passing yards, you have other problems as well               
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