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Training camp day 7


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Good to hear about Grover Stewart. This is a big year for him.

Also Hentges has definitely been having a good camp. Ross Travis is no slouch either, it'll be interesting to see who makes it as the 4th TE. Billy Brown's seemingly had a decent camp too.

Lastly, our Red Zone defense has seemingly been doing really well against our offense. Which would line up with how our defense performed last season.

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    • The fish with cheese is good I agree with tarter too. The onion chips are great.
    • That's exactly what I order + fish and cheese every time I go back to Indy. And have to have a large bag on onion chips.   With coffee.   I miss WCs
    • Yeah that was the only game I got wrong, I am 14-1. I believe you picked the Browns but you didn't do it here unfortunately but I am ok with whatever Dan decides. That is amazing you may go 16-0 
    • Ha ha, the original post beat me to it. Yes, Cox had several plays today that looked a lot like 85 (sorry, Gates to the non former Bolts fans ). And here's the thing. He did things that no other tight end on this team can do.   You don't take that out of your arsenal once you've found it.   It would be a MONUMENTAL coaching blunder to just revert him back to his former role after today. Even after Doyle and Burton return. As I said, neither of those guys can do several of the things he did today.   But I don't expect that to happen, though. Not after reading about how Philip specifically told Reich and Sirianni this week that Cox was ready, and not to hold back on calling anything for him. And Philip showed he wasn't lying, either, with the throws he made to him, and with Cox pulling them in. No, that's a connection that I can assure you is just getting started.
    • The thing that i have been loving is we are no longer dependant on TY to have a good game on order to have an effective offense. Even when he has a bad game or two we are still walking up and down the field. Would like to cash in more 7s but overall im happy
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