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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You don't spare resources for a QB IMO. If you love a player and think he can be your franchise QB, you trade up to get him. I don't know if Ballard loves any of the QBs, I don't know if he's watching them even right now, but yeah... this is my position - we have some good picks in excess of our own to use to trade up. Go get the QB you love. 
    • I'm not a proponent that Hooker is an elite all around FS.  His eliteness is simply one dimensional, which isn't enough to warrant a huge capital investment, IMO.   But in his defense, it seemed to me the scheme being played did not have him always covering the deep ball.  The first TD looks like it may have been a whiff, it happens, but the other times it looked like there was no intention to give the CB over the top FS help.  Which is a scheme problem. (so why would you not have your elite deep ball guy not in position to defend the deep ball?)   If Hooker was truly out of position on those deep throws, it was really, really, bad play because he was not even in the picture and in no position to contest the long completion.
    • 129 yards passing, of that 52 went to WR’s. for an NFL QB-1. But Jacoby has the most secure job in this league. Jacoby has what you would call an all day Hall Pass.  The Colts will probably draft  in the mid to late second round because of value and CB likes them picks, but his coaching staff don’t.. Until the Colts makes a change at QB-1. This team will be good enough to miss the play offs year after year. This loss wasn’t on the refs, coaching, or poor WR play. This was on Jacoby. Last night shows how badly this team misses Andrew Luck
    • He's probably referring to that pass early in the game that JB threw about 5 left of Ebron over the middle.
    • Blame Eberflus, not Hooker.  On those long completions, the safeties were positioned in mid-level zone coverage and had no responsibility for covering deep.  Re-watch the game and see how they were deployed before making silly comments like Hooker was confused (Aikman) and he let receivers blow by him (commenters here). 
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