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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Yes, even those not so obvious ones. IE: called 12 men on field vs team A defense/flagged. Later team B has 13 defenders on the field when team A lines up. But instead of stopping the play and throwing the flag, they grant team B a timeout!!  I feel that is incorrect application and a timeout cannot cancel the 12 men on the field flag once the O is set. Yet this has happened at least twice that I know of (including last night?)     P.I. seems to have a much higher bar in replay than the rules that apply on the field.  This isn't right, though I know it is to detract coaches from challenging P.I. penalties. This rule is for the league to (only) intervene in the most dire circumstances (whether booth review or coach challenge).     Agreed refs need to get better. How?     Those aren't going away until mistakes are eliminated, unfortunately. No way they open up replay to everything like Belichick wants.
    • it was mostly early in the year and then after the chiefs game.   in hindsight the people questioning his durability might have been right after all( i thought he would retire soon, but not this year)   i dont think i should have to wait until the end of the year to say things like i hope they are looking at Qbs in the draft.  we have draft threads every year that start this early.  its also fair to say JB isnt producing much because he isnt.  he might win games with a great line and running game while the defense plays lights out like against the chiefs.  id like a qb that wins us game too though 
    • One of the encouraging things I see about the Colts this year is the reduction in penalties. The old adage of; “more games are lost than won”. No friendly fire.     Keep Watson in the pocket and press their receivers. Stopping the run is critical.     They might load the box and dare us to pass. Missing Roby and Joseph hurts them and this will be a good test, not only for Brissett but for Reich, in scheming guys open.
    • And here's something Brissett is doing well - he's finding his outlet/blitz weakspots when teams send pressure his way:    
    • We should be able to run the ball at will again this Sunday, and that'll help our defense stay off the field.    In regards to our defense, getting Leonard and Hooker possibly back will be huge. I expect our strong performance against KC to hopefully continue with the added playmakers we'll be getting back.   Not to mention we had success defensively against Watson and Hopkins in the playoff game from last year. 
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