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Indianapolis Colts
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    • From listening to Reich and Ballard, it sounds like they have a lot of faith in Campbell's talent and ability.  I imagine they have more concerns with all the injuries he had last year.   I wouldn't be overly excited if we signed Agolhor, but the fact that Reich and Groh have connections with him may mean something.  Sure, he had a bad year last year, but maybe Reich/Groh think he was mis-used and believe they could get him in the right scheme (one thing I really like about Reich is he seems to really work to get his players in positions to allow them to thrive rather than be so stubborn in his system that if his players don't fit what he wants he doesn't make adjustments).   I agree with you though, I don't really see the point in signing him  unless Reich really knows something that we don't (which is possible, as in 2017 he put up 62 catches and 8 TDs under Reich's offense in Philly).  From what I can tell is he would likely be no higher than the 4th WR on this team as it currently sits (maybe #5 if we brought Funchess back).     It seems to me what this team really needs is a true #2 or #1a to help TY out more.  I think Funchess could've been that last year, but got hurt so early on.  I don't really see Agholor as an upgrade to what we already have, so I'd be pretty shocked if we actually signed him.     
    • I think Mathis has been Turay's main mentor.  I'm sure Houston helps him some, too.  Regardless, we knew he was a project pick with raw talent that needed to develop.  He certainly seemed to develop a lot between year 1 and 2.  Unfortunately, he got that injury, but it looks like he's ahead of schedule recovering.  If he's back and healthy, I expect continued improvement (I also think Banogu is going to make a similar leap as Turay seemed to between year 1 and 2).     What we really need is a stud in the interior DL, IMO.  That should just make the edge guys' life much easier.     Freeney was awful against the run, pretty much his whole career.  Lucky, for him, we had one of, if not the most explosive offenses in football for most of his time here.  I think he'll wind up in the HOF, but doubt as a first ballot guy.  He's 18th in all-time sacks (1 spot ahead of Mathis and 2 spots above Simeon Rice, who has been eligible for 8 years and still isn't in).  IMO, the big difference is that our O was so explosive that opposing teams were very often forced to pass against us and abandon their run game early with Peyton and Co. putting up so many points.  I think that really masked a lot of deficiencies in the games of Mathis and Freeney who both were vulnerable against the run, but were enabled to be 1-dimensional pass rush specialists due to Peyton's offense being so potent.  I could be wrong, but I highly doubt Freeney would have been as successful on a worse team (e.g., if he played on the Browns or a team w/ a bad offense, I think his run defense would have been exposed way worse than it was).
    • Several said he was a R1 or 2 pick without the flags. One even said something like "first round arm, undrafted head"
    • I think they would pair Love with a FA like Rivers for a year or two, not keep JB.    IMO, if they draft a QB in the first, there's too many issues keeping JB around. First, JB is not a mentor ("leadership" only goes so far) IMO. Second, JB probably wouldn't want to stay if we are drafting a QB in the 1st. Third, and probably the biggest, having both JB and a rook might cause bad fan behavior, and perhaps division in the locker room.
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