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Anything you want me to pay attention to at training camp?

Lawrence Owen

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On 7/11/2019 at 10:13 AM, Lawrence Owen said:

I'll be going to a few practice sessions at training camp this year.  Any of you going also?

I plan on doing some scouting of the team, mostly some of our unknowns, and see if I can get a feel for what we really have out there.  I'll be there the 25th, that's the date I'm doing something for a fan that cannot make it to training camp.  Caroline Cann and the Colts organization have set something up, so I can do this for that person.  While I'm there on that day, I'm hoping to get to speak to a few people, Colts and media both.

Any of you have anything specific you'd like me to check on, watch for, or ask if I get the chance?

Pretty excited to be able to do this, hope I can make at least this one fan's wish come true!  

(I'll explain what's going on in that area after it happens.  Reason's.)

The cheerleaders... :nutz:

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