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just announced



INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts today released the schedule for 2019 Colts Training Camp, which will kick off Thur., July 25 and end Thur., Aug. 15 at the Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield, Ind., about 20 miles north of Indianapolis.

There is no charge to attend training camp, but guests must obtain a free ticket to enter each day. Tickets may be acquired online at Colts.com/Camp.



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1 hour ago, Scott Pennock said:

I'm trying to get tickets but I don't know G2, G3, G4 or G5 from Adam - as far as seating is concerned.


Anyone been there and have advice for me?

thought it was all general admission.

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18 hours ago, Irish YJ said:

here's the campus map for 2018. 

the site says the 2019's will be available soon, but I'm guessing it won't be much different



Based on that map it looks like the parking near the Pacer's athletic center is free as it doesn't label it as "paid public parking"



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So I'm thinking about going this year and when I do go I usually go sometime around my birthday (July 30).  However part of me is thinking about taking a day off and going in mid August to see the practice with the Browns.  

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    • And also their QB is average to date. 
    • Reading comprehension. For the second time, I did not say you did. Others in that thread did. I merely linked the thread without pointing to anyone in particular. It’s not always about you my friend
    • Everyone knows he has a rocket launcher arm (like Brisket) but let's make sure he can put some touch on the ball (unlike Brisket) 
    • I didn't comment on the trade being bad, I summarized his week one play. I think we'll only know if it was a good deal 3 years into it. I wasn't and am not against the trade.  I am for it. But the guy has to produce or anyone supporting it was wrong, but the staff must answer for it. That is how it works. 
    • A little deeper dive and comparisons of W1 and 2.     Below are  1. QB Stats and comments 2. Pass catcher separation stats and comments 3. DL separation stats and comments 4. Pass rush stats and comments 5. Tackle stats and comments 6. Dog house stats (drops and missed tackles) and comments 7. Pass charts from W1 and 2 from Nextgen   The TLDR 1. Jax game plan was pretty simple looking at the stats if it wasn't already obvious. Attack our soft zone. Surprised MN didn't take note. 2. Rivers is 3rd in Time to Throw (lowest) through 2 weeks (only 0.03 off #1) and 3rd in completion %. Tied for 3rd in INTs too ouch (T for 7th if you remove the last one). 3. Our pass catchers are pretty mediocre in getting separation.  4. Autry is doing pretty darn good at DE. Muhammad might be a better pressure guy than we thought. 5. Our DL wasn't really better better in W2. Cousins' time to throw was 38% higher than Minshew's, and threw it 30% more. The stats are near the same all things considered. 6. While there's no cushion stats for the overall D, many stats would suggest our DBs played closer to the LOS vs MN. Perhaps not more man, but limited free release/cushion. 7. TY is the only drop so far. Okereke is leading the team with missed tackles per snap.   QB Stats TtT - Time to throw (lowest to highest) WK1 Minshew #2T lowest (#17 in W2) WK2 Cousins #31 (27th in WK1) Note - Rivers was #2T W1 and #2 W2   IAY - Intended air yards (lowest to highest) W1 Minshew #2 (W2 #25) W2 Cousins #31 (W1 #29) Note - Rivers was #9 W1 and #23 W2   AGG% - Aggressive % (lowest to highest) W1 Minshew #2 (#24 W2) W2 Cousins #15 (#29 W1) Note - Rivers was #27 W1 and #20 W2   Completion % (highest to lowest) WK1 Minshew #1 (18 WK2) WK2 Cousins #32 (#6 W1) Note - Rivers was #5 W1 and #3 W2 O Comments -  Rivers - being first and second in time to throw in the first 2 weeks is a breath of fresh air from last year. Aside from the W1 INTs (W2 INT was not on him), he's doing what you want in terms of both TtT and Completion % (top 5 both weeks). I'm glad to see the AGG% go down in W2, but W1 is somewhat expected in a close game or playing from behind. You don't want to be too conservative, but you don't want to be higher than 25 either. IAY will vary game to game based on gameplan, and you don't want to be too high or two low in your AVG. The swing from W1 to 2 is a bit understandable given who we were playing. Colts Passing D Comments - Jax - If anyone didn't clearly understand Jax's game plan vs the Colts, the stats make it crystal clear in that they wanted to attack our soft zone. Minshew's #2 TtT, #2 lowest IAY, #2 AGG%, and #1 completion % make it painfully obvious. Hats off to their OC, and paper bag over the head to our D gameplan and for not making quick adjustments. We made Minshew look like a surgeon. Vikings - It's no wonder folks think our DL got more pressure vs the Vikes. Cousins' horribly high TtT gave us a lot more opportunity/time to see it. And his high IAY and low completion % gave our DBs opportunity to defend.      WR/TE Separation (2.84 yards is league AVG) Week 1 Jax Conley 6.14 Eifert 5.13 Cole 4.93 Shenault 3.1 Chark 2.54 Colts MAC 3.42 Doyle 2.62 Campbell 2.58 Hilton 2.35 Pascal 1.29   Week 1 Comments Jax - Another eye popping stat in Jax's gameplan. 4 of 5 Jax pass catchers were above league average in separation, 3 of 5 significantly above. Again, made our soft zone look silly. I really wish they gave game by game cushion stats as well (although we all can guess). Colts - Having 4 of 5 pass catchers below league average is a bit scary, especially when one of those guys is Hilton. Doyle was one of the better guys in the league last year in separation, so guessing this is a blip. Another indicator though that MAC has some pretty good potential.    Week 2 (2.84 League AVG) MN Smith 3.28 Jefferson 3.15 Johnson 2.86 Thielen 2.14 Rudolph 0.53 Colts Dulin 4.16 Hilton 2.72 Pascal 2.6 Pittman 2.08 MAC 2.04   Week 2 Comments MN - Another indicator we likely played more man in W2. While there were 3 of 5 over the league average, they weren't near as far over as Jax in W1.  Colts - This is one of the reasons I'd like to see Dulin get some additional targets. TY did a bit better this week, but still below league AVG. Big delta for MAC, but expected to an extent becoming the #1 TE.  Defensive Pass Rush AVG Separation from QB (League AVG is 4.51 yards) Week 1 Jax Allen 4.45 Bryan 4.51 Smoot 4.68 Chaisson 5.06 Colts Autry 3.54 Buckner 4.67 Houston 5.31 Stewart 5.37   Week 1 Comments Jax - about what you would expect. Only one below the league AVG, so OL did a great job. It should however be expect given Rivers' extremely low time to throw. Colts - Given Minshew's #3 time to throw that week, this is an exceptional job by Autry coming from the outside, and understandable for the rest.   Week 2 MN Odenigbo 4.79 Ngakoue 5.04 Holmes 5.25 Johnson 5.83 Colts  Muhammad 3.6 Houston 3.94 Buckner 4.13 Autry 4.58   Week 2 Comments MN - simply great job by the Colts OL keeping everyone higher than the league AVG. And I'm sure the OL is loving the big reduciton in this year's TtT. If Rivers continues to be top 5, this will be a big help to the OL in terms of wear and tear, and overall freshness late in games, and late in year. Colts - What a great number from Muhammad, who most see as a run stuffer. Great numbers all around, but shoujld be expected given Cousin's super high TtT. In short, the Colts DL had 38% more time, and 30% more opportunity (attempts) to get home in week 2.     Pass Rush Stats (passing) Indy D - WK1 / WK2 OL Rank - Jax 26th / MN 23rd Opponent Passing Attempts - 20 / 26 Pressures - 9 (7 DL, 2 DB) / 11 (11DL) QB Hits - 4 (3 DL, 1 DB) / 7 (7 DL) Hurries - 5 (4 DL, 1 DB) / 4 (4 DL) Blitz - 6 (5 LB, 1 DB) / 6 (4 LB / 2 DB) Sacks - 4 (3 DL, 1 DB) / 3 (3 DL) Knock downs - 0 / 3 (3 DL)   Misc D Stats Passes Defended - 1 (DB) / 9 (8 DB, 1 LB) TFL - 5 (4 DL, 1 DB) / 3 (2 DL, 1 LB) INT - 0 / 3 (3 DB)   Comments - Overall, not a huge difference. Combined pressures only increased by 2 in Week 2, which is probably smaller than one would expect with having 38% more time to get to the QB, and 30% more passing than Week 1.      Tackles (combined) Week 1 (43 total plays / 19 of 20 pass / 23 rush) DL 15 LB 20 DB 16 Week 2 (44 total plays / 11 of 26 pass / 18 rush) DL 14 LB 12 DB 16   Comments - Pretty clear our DBs were playing closer up given the DB Ts week 2, when there was nearly half the completions, yet same number of Ts.  Doghouse stats Week 1 Drops - 0 Missed Ts - Buckner 1, Oke 1, Rock 1, Walker 1 Week 2 Drops - Hilton 1 Missed Ts - Moore 1, Oke 1, Walker 1, Stewart 1   Comments - less drops overall so far, and TY does have an occasional one. Not worried, but boy was that a big drop. On missed Ts, not surprised to see Oke's name there both weeks, but a little surprised to see Walker, Moore, Rock, and especially Buckner.   Pass Charts - Click to enlarge   Week 1 Week 2
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