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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I do like Bridgewater as an option so I'm good with that.  I don't think JB would be happy with the demotion so I would prefer moving on from him and I wouldn't mind Kelly as the backup over Hoyer.  I would get a veteran WR in FA.  Rookie WRs don't normally make an immediate impact.  I'm expecting Ballard to be more active in FA this year so we should get more help there as well. All reports seem to be pointing towards Rivers but Bridgewater makes more sense because of his age.  We get to keep our picks too.  Maybe trade back a little at 13 and get another.
    • I don't see Carolina being interested in JB. Both have accuracy issues, and at least Cam is mobile (well maybe). Both are going into their last years of contracts, and both at minimum will be prove it years. If I were Carolina's FO, I'd either give Cam a chance under a new coach and scheme, or simply start over with a young pup. I don't see Rhule trying a JB experiment in his first year.
    • chuck was one of the best head coaches we ever had.    Grigson gave chuck the worst talent ever.  How is it the coaches fault when players can't execute the plays .Chuck did try knew things , when our defense was getting burned on man he would switch to zone .  EVery thing he tried the players were at fault.  Bottom 5 offensive line , defense , running game , wrs were all old .  Andrew luck being hurt always .  I remember luck going  out and we still won 4 games with jacoby who is horrible a bottom 5 defense offensive line and running game.   Even with a top 5 offensive line better defense and great running game this year we won only 3 more games .  in 2017 jacoby had no offseason learned the play book in 2 weeks
    • I sincerely hope that I didn’t speak incorrectly above, but I was trying to remember what Nancy posted in the other Forum.   this is here post, below: (I’m not sure how to credit her on this website, sorry)   New Member  53 98 posts Report post   Posted February 9 Yes..PJ did look good.  I am liking the games and there's 2 more tomorrow!  Getting used to the new rules and all..did you notice the winning team gets a bonus to share?  Pretty good incentive for regular season game!  If you didn't read about the salaries: The XFL’s non-negotiable agreement states players will earn $1,040 in base salary every week, which translates into a $27,040 gross payment. The contract outlines that XFL players earn another $1,685 for each game played, plus a $100,000 weekly win bonus is paid to every active roster member on the winning team. XFL players get no royalties for merchandise sold by the league, and they cannot pursue any legal claims in court. All this adds up to be an estimated average salary around $55,000 for every player.      
    • I agree with your salary parameters for Mack and I also agree that that is more money than I would offer. I think you ride with him next year and see if you want or can resign him to a reasonable offer.If not, a whole bunch of guys including inexpensive rookies could put up good numbers behind this OL 
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