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Is Odell Beckham setting a bad example in OTA's for the Browns?

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I know that voluntary means not required, to attend for your team, But the situation of each team is different. The Browns with Baker Mayfield in his second season, would greatly benefit from Beckham, showing support for his new young QB to get up to speed & rhythm for them in the up coming season, to be ahead of the learning curve. From what I have heard a lot of veterans for the Browns showed up even though it was not mandatory, To me this shows a commitment into making the next season a success. I Think that Beckham is great talent, But his immaturity as  a narcissistic mind set is what is ambiguous. That sets a bad example as not being a team player,  especially to a team that is not already a contender every year. 

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It delays the progress of the Browns.  Bill Belichick has said the CBA rules have prevented him (and others)  of getting the full playbook installed before the season starts.  He is still installing a couple weeks into the new year. This is when everyone shows at OTA's. 


Now, if a HC, OC and player have been together for a few or more years, the missing is not nearly as bad as a player new to a team/ system and not showing up.  This isn't good for the Browns that have to knit all their stars together quickly to compete vs. Ravens/Steelers.



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Lol at immaturity  as a narcissist.

 It's all made up drama  in the press. 

There's no problem what so ever. The nfl loves OBJ. Otherwise they would make sure he wasn't doing 5 commercials a year. He's a cross between Lynn Swann and that guy  who use to be on Jets/Cowboys/Bucs.

 A veteran is just resting up a bit. Nothing to see here.

 He is a nfl product and the nfl will continue  to lovingly sell him.


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