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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think Brady has played within and exceptional system the majority of his career (and sure, they may have been caught cheating, but I imagine every coach in the NFL is trying to do something every week to get a leg up on the opponent).   My biggest argument on why I take Peyton over Brady is look what happened the year Peyton missed -- we went from being projected to win the AFC South, potential SB contenders, 10+ wins, etc... and we became the laughing stock of the league going 2-14.  It exposed how bad our team really was without Peyton at the helm.     When Brady missed significant time, Matt Cassell led them to 11 wins.  Matt Cassel backed up Matt Barkley and ButtFumble Sanchez in college and never had a snap in a real game, yet could win double digits in NE.  Cassel got paid like a #1 QB after that, and has had maybe 1 decent year and otherwise is a major disappointment and essentially a journeyman back-up QB -- yet, he could win very regularly in NE under Belichek.   To me, that just says Peyton was a more valuable player to his team than Brady.  It's evidenced by Peyton's regular season MVP awards.  Unfortunately, I don't think Peyton ever had as good a team around him (including defense) as Brady has had since he's been a starter in the NFL.  Also unfortunate, the problem on relying on one guy in the playoffs is that the playoffs usually require all 3 phases of a team to be playing pretty flawless once you're through the wildcard rounds.  Brady always had a D he could count on, always had a run game, and has had a lot of very reliable WRs throughout his career.  He rarely was asked to do as much for his team to get W's as Peyton was asked to do in Indy (or his first year in Denver).       I think Belichek is the best coach in NFL history and at this point, I think it's almost hands down (I think the argument that he is the best is a far easier one to make than any individual QB, or really any individual player, considered the best all time).  If Matt Cassel could win 11 games with Belichek, I'm pretty sure there are at least 15 QBs in the league who could post winning records with that system (Cassel is far inferior to guys like Peyton, Brees, Rodgers, Big Ben, Stafford, and a whole slew of other QBs who have played QB in this league).     Brady is a clutch player and he plays in a very solid system on a very solid team year in and year out.  That said, in their primes, I think a guy like Peyton could go to a 2-14 team and turn it around quicker than Brady could.  It's impossible to say, but if Peyton played 20 years with Belichek, I'd have to think he'd have as much or more SBs than Brady -- whereas, I don't think Brady could elevate a team like Indy the same way Peyton did over the course of his career.
    • Just finished watching the Pack/Lions to ight and the officials cost the Lions the game. Two calls against the Lions DE #90 for hands to the face showed clearly his hands were on the opponents pads. So obvious were both calls one would think the games was rigged. I'm sure you will see this on the sports shows tomorrow. These two calls could cost the Lions a run for the SB. "Not reviewable" now is like "diplomatic immunity". The NFL is a joke.
    • Wait a minute...I'm a little slow tonight...So, your happy dream is to have famous fetching females come over to your flat & play a board game? Maybe you play a more adventuresome game in Scotland then we do in North America BHC. That must be it. Wink; Wink.   Something got lost in translation here. Only kidding! 
    • Injuring the  brain is not like injuring say a knee.
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