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Way TOO Early Player Extensions

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I know it's way to early, but I enjoy free agent predictions, re-signings, and mock draft almost as much as football season. 


Who does everyone think were going to resign for the 2020 season. For how much total and how many years. Would love to see everyone TOO early predictions!!! Hopefully get a general consensus what are team will look like for the next few years.


Players set to be free agents for the 2020 Season:


Jacoby Brissett 

Devin Funchess 3years/39M (I think he is going to ball out this season)

Chester Rogers 

Anthony Costanzo - 2years/27M 

Zach Pascal

Eric Ebron - 3years/22.5M (He will regress(I hope I'm wrong))

Jack Doyle 

Mo Ali-Cox - 2year/2M

Ross Travis

Joe Haeg - 4years/14M

LeRaven Clark 

Evan Boehm 

Jabaal Sheard

Luke Rhodes

Kenny Moore - 5 years/42.5M (I think he will improve again and everything I read about him is positive (everyone loves him))

Clayton Geathers 

Matthias Farley

Chris Milton

Grandpa Vinny 1year/3M (If he doesn't retire)

Rigoberto Sanchez 4years/8M


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Ebron, Moore, AC.  Since  Funchess has not played yet it is hard to say. I think sheard might get a short term deal. Moore is young but 5 years doesn’t seem like a ballard move. Maybe 3 yrs. Doyle will get a couple years if he comes back healthy.

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Sanchez also.


With Funchess Ebron will most likely have less numbers. That doesn’t mean he regressed. Doyle back will also hurt his numbers. 

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Sanchez - resigned off by 1M total

Moore - resigned waiting on numbers

Rhodes - resigned missed that one. 

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