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RIP Bart Starr


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As a young teenager and Cowboys fan i loved Don Merideth.

And of course thought the Pack were the bad guys.

Bart was awfully hard to beat, of course he usually threw less than 20 passes a game. Why? Because Lombardi Ran the Da** Ball!  haha!

 Bart was the 1st to complete 60% of his paases for a season as i recall.

And he was a real Gentleman. God Bless!

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5 championships in a short time was what made the Packers the team to beat in the early 60's.

 in the NFL, And yes there was Pro football before  it was called the Super Bowl . Unitas and the Colts put the NFL on the map in the late 50's and Bart and the Packers took it to the next level after. The Unitas & Starr battles were epic in the early 60's. That's what cemented my love of the game back then. 

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