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throwing BBZ

Mack Left Mack Right Mack up the Middle

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I like Hines but he is light in the pants and doesn't block near as well as Mack. Mack could use more wiggle, but Hines has less wiggle than Mack. Only thing Hines does better than Mack is catch and it's not like Mack is just horrible at it.

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On 5/24/2019 at 4:11 PM, LJpalmbeacher2 said:




Years ago I caught a spring training game in West Palm Beach with the Yankees in town.

After the game as the team was loading in bus I saw Bobby Murcer toss a eaten apple in the garbage can.


Bitter.....party of one.

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    • I don't agree.  Now the cream at the top is great, but there is a huge drop off to the next level.  I think most teams have as good or better WR history.     https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/clt/career-receiving.htm
    • Bill was very good.  He did suffer from some bad passing offenses.
    • While I agree Fountain has to work for it, I'd say he's probably in the driver seat assuming he's 100% healthy.   Patmon - raw guy who doesn't play to his size, and needs to add to, and improve his route tree. I doubt we keep 3 X WRs, and I don't see him jumping Pittman and Pascal for the top 2 spots. IMO, they'd have to move Pascal to run mostly out of the slot (which is possible) for him to take the #2 X spot. IMO, he ends up on the practice squad for a year unless we have an injury in the X area.   Johnson - the digs on him have always been his hands and his toughness. Unless he's become a lot more physical, his position flexibility is likely limited to Z. He's not going to be an X given the comp there, and unless he's tough enough to run across the middle as slot and catch, his chances are low IMO.    I do like Dulin, and he looked great when given a chance to return. He's a tough kid and could literally line up everywhere (although I prefer more size at X). I'd absolutely love to have him and Hines as our two primary return guys. Pascal could fill in as backup. I'd keep Campbell safely away from STs.   As far as Fountain is concerned, the biggest dig on him was his route tree. From everything I read, he worked his rear end off and improved dramatically in that area last off season. IMO, he plays bigger than he is, and could also line up just about everywhere like Dulin. 
    • yeah i might have gone over board with the super bowl talk. still it took peyton a while to win a playoff game but i think he deserved respect before that anyway 
    • since its a topic here i'll guess one more super bowl with PM, but not predicting 2-3 more dynasty    they are going to lose some good players after this contract and have to draft really well to keep it up.  hes also not the most durable qb and he does take some risks 
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