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Indianapolis Colts
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    • My concern is if they can control our running game (they have good run D) and scheme for Hilton, we could be in trouble keeping up with the points that their O has been putting up.   However, i had concerns with the Chiefs and that worked out just fine.
    • I would still go with:   QB (1st), if we go players now Pat Mahomes LT (2nd), Tyron Smith to protect him DE (3rd), Myles Garrett, 9 sacks already this season. Pass rush is important.   -My top 3 positions would remain the same regardless of player as in QB, LT, and DE if I were even drafting. After that I would have to think a little. 
    • Yeah, that's why I picked a QB and am protecting his blindside, so he can carry the offense. With only 7 choices, there will be defeciences at certain positions, so hopefully an elite QB can handle the offense by himself and raise his receivers games a bit. Any roster with only 7 choices will have some major holes, just relying on the QB in mine and sacrificing the receivers.
    • That's the other part about it. Even replacement level JAGs have a good game every once in a while, so maybe you get a 10 catch game from one average WR this week, and another 8 catch game from another WR a couple weeks later, but in between, you're might wind up having a couple three catch, 28 yard performances from those same guys.    But yeah, in theory, if you're building a roster and moving into the future, some of those JAGs will be rookies who might be able to get better. Just wanted to look at the immediate snapshot of your roster, though.
    • Ehh, the point isn't really to discuss the best way to build a roster. I want to know how people would prioritize certain positions in building a roster.    I also think it's rare to have a team with seven top five players on the roster.  The Rams went all in last year, went to the SB, but probably only had four top five players -- Donald, Gurley, Whitworth, Havenstein. I'll give you half a season of Goff tearing it up and six games of Cupp being excellent.    The 2007 Pats had Brady, Welker, Moss, Vrabel (12 sacks), Wilfork and Samuel. Was anyone else top five?    So my point is that with a top heavy roster, assuming your top seven are healthy and a great scheme match, I think you could do some damage with 46 replacement players. It's definitely not the ideal, but that's not the point of the exercise.
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