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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Agreed! It only takes one *. To clarify, it was a Police Officer, not a Security Guard.   Personally, I thought the Officer was extremely intelligent handling the situation. His “situational awareness” was top notch, being surrounded by a bunch of reporters, cameras and players looking up to a guy who just distributed Benjamin’s.  It was not in his best interest to arrest OBJ at that moment.    Being a Cop is difficult, everyone has a camera and it only takes a few seconds of a 2 minute video to paint the wrong picture, depending on the motivation.   Looking at the diverse opinions here, it’s easy at least for me to see, that the Police Officer was extremely professional handling this the way he did.  If, this had of been a female Cop or two civilians in the work place, I’m certain the conversation would be somewhat different. And it’s very unfortunate that we can’t all find common ground on what is appropriate or inappropriate.     Unfortunately, not everyone likes the Cops, including some that posted in this thread.    @csmopar Just a having fun with you nothing personal.  Apologies        
    • Mmmhmm. I was deathly afraid of the Chargers that year. I was so relived to see the Pats. And my what a shock to say, but we had beaten them 2 times straight and I felt Peyton finally got the monkey off his back. Plus that was first time we were getting the Patriots at home in a while. 
    • Reader, Armistead, or Byron Jones might make sense.  Getting two of them could be a coup for our defense.  Them wanting to play here is the concern though. 
    • Nice discussions everyone. I for one am not going to get riled up one way or the other. After watching the UCLA and Oregon State tape for Gordon, I found several questionable throws that defenders dropped INTs on that I felt would have been a death sentence in the NFL but then he also threw 9 TDs and did very well vs zone coverage.  Some say he can be coached out of playing hero ball or throwing bad ones into traffic, I am leery about it. One can say the same about selective tape for Jordan Love as well. The guys in charge, I am sure they watch more than 1 game tape or just highlight reels, or just get enamored with 1 year numbers, I will be happy with whatever they decide. I like Gordon as well but I like Love a little more, for the record. Both will have to be coached out of certain tendencies, IMO.   Hey, the first pick in the 1998 draft threw 28 INTs, and thankfully Jameis Winston broke that with 30 INTs this year.   The 6th pick in the 2019 draft (Daniel Jones) was a turnover machine as well. So, even the highest rated QB, who likely will be going to an inferior team will feel the pressure and will make mistakes. Guys like Mahomes, they do not come around often, but you don't want to miss out on someone that has close to his upside either. No matter who we draft at QB, we anticipate him sitting for a year to work out his flaws. Even Mahomes had to sit out a year. The Chiefs had the luxury, we have the same as well, IMO.    All I do not care for is a WR at No.13 because that will not give us good bang for the draft position in a deep WR class, and I elaborated my case in another thread.
    • The reason I compare him to Brissett when talking about him is because the similarities with their passing games are striking and it's easy to illustrate a point when people would know exactly what I'm talking about with Hurts' game when I say he has trouble going through progressions and gets stuck on primary read and drops his eyes sometimes too soon and leaves the pocket to run. His weaknesses in the passing game mirror those of Brissett pretty closely and people would know what I mean because they've seen it for two seasons now with Brissett.    IMO he's not good enough of a passer/processor of the game to be a traditional pocket passer in the league and when he leaves the pocket he's doing it to run rather than to make plays with the pass. His athleticism is much better than Brissett's though and IMO this is the way he should be used - in a Lamar Jackson type of offense - where the offense is built around the QB's ability and threat to run the ball. The problem is - I don't think he's nearly as athletic and elusive as Lamar and he takes some brutal hits regularly on his runs. IMO whoever drafts him needs to build their whole offense around his running and hope to god he doesn't get injured.   I'm just not willing to make that bet. 
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