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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Well...   a couple of points...    I think Sheard is only going to be offered back-up money,  so it might as well be ours.   Second...     there's no saying Yannick is going to be on the Colts,  so I still want Sheard as a backup.....   Third....       even if we sign Yannick, Ballard stil believes in 10 DL's,  and some are going to make decent money, so we should still be able to afford to sign Jabaal, no matter what happens.   A 20 mill per year contract still leaves the Colts with lots of money to spend.   Fourth....    if Sheard is offered starter money elsewhere,  good for him,  THEN we lose him.  
    • Sheard would be too expensive to bring back as a backup especially with the type of contract it would take to sign Yannick
    • Good to hear he's nowhere near Indianapolis.
    • First,  let's get one thing out of the way....      it WASN'T three years.    It was FIVE.   Here is the 49ers record leading up to 2019,   The previous 6 years.   Year             Wins               Losses             Divisional Place           Notes 2013:              12                       4                          2nd                   Lost in SB 2014                 8                        8                         3rd 2015                 5                      11                         4th 2016                 2                      14                         4th 2017                 6                      10                         4th 2018                 4                      12                         3rd   4 straight losing seasons.   All with double digit losses.   That's how they had so many top-10 and top-5 draft picks.    People here are complaining we went 7-9 and pick 13th.    Who is ready for lots more losing on this level?    I don't think you'll find many hands raised.    Also,  the 49ers lucked into getting Jimmy Garrappolo for just a 2nd round pick.   That's a gift wrap for a franchise level quarterback.    So, San Francisco was terrible for far longer than this thread recognizes.   It came with much more pain that Colts fan can withstand.    And they got a gift in finding their high level QB.   Winning in the NFL is flat-out incredibly hard.    It's not as easy as saying...   look what the 49ers did!     Much harder.  
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