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I know it's really early but, if anyone wants to get a head start on looking at next years draft prospects or free agents. This is my positional needs ranking from most needed to least needed at this time. Tier 1 we need to rebuild the position. Tier 2 we need solid starters. Tier 3 Depth. Tier 4 not needed at all. 


Tier 1:

TE - Everyone is a free agent.  

LT - Castonzo, Clark, and Haeg are all free agents. Hopefully at least resign Castonzo and Haeg will be resigned if not all three. 

DE - Sheard is a FA. We will have Houston, Turay, Green, and a couple roster bubble guys. We will need two solid young starters.

K - Vinny is getting old he may have another who knows 

P - Rigo is RFA probably will be resigned


Tier 2:

CB - Moore will be a FA. We still have RYS, Desir, and Wilson but retaining Moore is a must in my opinion. 

SS - Willis isn't proven yet and Geathers is a FA.

WR - We will need a taller wide receiver still in my opinion(maybe not). Funchess will be a FA. We still have Hilton 5'9", Campbell 6' , and Cain 6'2" 

NT - An upgrade here would be awesome


Tier 3:

DT - depth/upgrade

QB - Need a backup or to retain Brissett

C - Depth

RT - Depth

G - Depth


Tier 4:

RB - 4th string






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NT/DT is a must for me next year. I thought we could have used one this year year. Next is likely tackle and DE for me. I dont think there is anyway we dont resign Ebron or extend him this season, hes a leader and is still young. We will likely draft a CB later on but I dont expect one next year before the 5th

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Yeah, I think NT/DT is clearcut tier 1 need. Even more than TE(because I assume we will keep at least one of the players we have). 


Depending on how Turay and Banogu and Lewis look we might not have much need at EDGE next year.


I still expect Ballard to extend AC.

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With our four Day 1 and 2 picks....


I’m anticipating a DE, DT, OL and likely a TE.   Then I think our first pick on Day 3 would be a RB.


As for NT,  I’m not even sure how much longer, or how often,  we will even use one. 

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I think he will resign some of our players but as of now with no one being resigned. This is how I have the position rankings. When they resign Ebron, Costanzo, Ali-Cox, Haeg, and Clark then the positions will change. As of now with no one being resigned TE is a clear cut number one unless everyone is happy with Billy Brown and Hale Hentges.


I have NT/DT in tier 2 and have it labeled we need a solid started. We will have Autry, Lewis, and Hunt all under contract. I dont think those positions need to be in Tier 1 which is labeled we need to rebuild the position, but an upgrade for those positions would be great.


Honestly, the more I keep looking at NT the less value for that position I see. If you look at our D-line right now. We have one true NT Stewart (330 lbs) After that we have five line man 260-290 lbs (Autry, Lewis, Ward,  Hunt, and Lewis). Then we have Turay (220). Then from 250-260 (sheard, Houston, Green.)


For the edge, I think we need to start looking to find two building blocks; possibly rebuild the position. Back up the brinks truck for a young stud Edge player. Sheard will be a FA. Houston is getting up there in age. That leaves Turay a second round second year player who had four sacks and fifteen total tackles last year one. It also leaves Green a fourth round rookie. Lewis is more of a DT to me they may transition him outside more if injuries occur, but I think they are looking to replace Autry with him. 

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