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    • While some of those folks own up to it later, it is amazing how quiet some of them get.
    • A 5th round pick and a ham sandwich.  With extra mayo.
    • I don't think he ever said that.  I think he made some general threat to the woman that made reference to the kid, and then people quickly ran with that to interpret it as him saying that he would do to her what he did to the kid, thereby indirectly implying he broke the kids arm.  At least it seemed like there could be enough smoke generated from this tape to justify kicking him out of the league to send the all-important proper social message.  I think now the feeling is that the interpretation of what he was talking about is flawed.   It sounds like this has come down to where he simply threatened her during an argument.  Not enough smoke to suspend him, IMO.
    • I don't want to use resources on another linebacker, so in order for me to pull the trigger, it would have to be a huge steal. I'd do a 2nd rounder
    • You're acting as if we don't know anything about Deon Cain. The higher ceiling is based on the fact that he's a second round talent that dropped due to personality concerns, and the fact that he was doing so well in camp. Obviously I'm not saying they don't like Fountain, but before the preseason the Colts were calling him "the steal of the draft". Turns out we did have the steal of the draft, but that's besides the point    The ACL tear isn't being underestimated, the thing is that there's a difference when you tear your ACL in August vs October or November. Also, what has Fountain done to prove more than Cain? He was on the practice squad, and he had that one divisional game drop. Other than that I don't see why you think Fountain is more proven or whatever. And it is simply absurd to have him over Pascal and Chester. The problem is that we know what they are: not very good. When deciding who to keep on the roster, the question is not "have these guys contributed before?" The question is "will these guys contribute?" And the answer is, from what I've seen and heard, Deon Cain is talented and is at least worth keeping more than Pascal and Chester. 
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